Top 5 lightweight camping chair

Top 5 lightweight camping chair

Lightweight camping chairs are considered to be the best alternative to casual ones, taking a lot of space and having some substantial weight. When it comes to picnic or spending time on the beach, weight becomes a ritual point. The less weight one has to carry, the better his experience could be later on. So camping chairs have to be not just comfortable but light as well. They are easy to be carried, cleaned and moved if needed, as well as placed wherever you need them to be for your comfort. A huge variety of models and chair types allows you to choose the one that is perfect for your current needs and meets all the expectations. Thus, if you prefer casual and old good chairs, try and listed below.

According to the reviews, provided by thousands of customers, lightweight chairs become their number one choice pretty soon after first try. All the models are safe, though sometimes, they do not look solid enough. There are tricks the designers use to make them lighter while keeping perfect balance. 

However, camping chairs are one of the best options for the ones having issues with the back or knees. Long-term standing or sitting underground can be inappropriate or simply impossible. But it is not the reason to refuse from casual activities such as visiting the sport events or casual camping, as well as  picnic with friends and family. Camping folding chairs might be a perfect idea – they are easy to be carried, take little place in comparison with other ones and are surprisingly comfortable. Some of them have padded seats and backs, sometimes the back can be adjusted or modified and so on. The features are different and it is very important to choose the one suitable for your needs and demands. 

But how to choose the best chair among thousands of options and not to lose money? The answer is simple – comparing the most popular ones. So let’s have a look through TOP-5 options, considered to be the best ones according to the customers’ reviews.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated lightweight camping chairs

  1. Low Sling Beach Camping Concert Folding Chair from KingCamp
  2. Xtra Wide Nylon Ripstop Tripod Lightweight Folding Camping Chair
  3. Sunyear Lightweight Compact Folding Camping Backpack Chairs
  4. Naomi Home Venice Stadium Seat
  5. Portable Folding Camping Stool

Our reviews of the top rated lightweight camping chairs along with our buyers guide will help you choose the right camping chair for you.

1. Low Sling Beach Camping Concert Folding Chair from KingCamp

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This model is considered to be the best one according to the reviews. It is good for comfortable sitting and is solid enough to be placed on the rough ground if needed. Unlike most of the similar chairs, it has soft foam wrapped arm rest. Add here a drink holder and you will get at once why this model was given the highest rank. The chair can be used on the beach since the back and the seat are made of breathable fabric. So you will feel comfortable when it is hot outside. 

The model is stable and designed to hold up to 300lbs of pure weight. At the same time, the weight of the product itself is around 6.6 lbs. However, the size of the chair being folded is only 30.7 × 7.9 × 5.1 inches. It can be opened almost immediately and even a kid can cope with this task. So if you were looking for the best lightweight camp chair with a drink holder – here it is. 


  • soft armrest
  • drink holder
  • stable frame
  • easy to open and fold
  • breathable fabric
  • wide seat
  • fit in the airplane
  • appropriate back height
  • portable


  • price
  • limited coloring
  • no full height version
  • back does not adjust
  • bulky design 
  • the seat does not have any cushion 

2. Xtra Wide Nylon Ripstop Tripod Lightweight Folding Camping Chair

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It is the best lightweight camping chair for the ones looking for a comfortable item with padding on the back and seat. Thus, it is extremely easy to be carried because of the carrying stripe, equipped with a small padding for the shoulder. Add here super light weighs, up to 5 lbs, and it becomes absolutely clear that this model is perfect for anyone, even for a kid to carry and unfold anytime. Another good and useful feature is a little bag where one can put the phone, drink or whatever. Unlike the previous option, this one is rather high – its dimensions are 33 x 19.75 x 18.25 while being opened. 

It might be one of the best camping tripod chair lightweight, but for a short sitting only.  All the customers mention that it becomes a bit uncomfortable after a couple of hours


  • lightweight
  • carrying stripe with a little shoulder pillow
  • drink holder
  • good height


  • does not have a stow bag
  • triangle shaped seat
  • back does not adjust
  • not for a long sitting
  • no hand support

3. Sunyear Lightweight Compact Folding Camping Backpack Chairs

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Small, compact, comfortable. These features are the must when we are talking about the best lightweight camping chairs, and this model possesses all the listed ones. It is really small, and, according to the reviews, it takes as little space as it can. It is easy to be folded and put wherever you have a spare room. It does not have a back and armrest, as well as a drink holder. If you are looking for a chair just for sitting with minimum additional features, here is the option. In case you need something more advanced, please pay attention to other chairs on this list. 

According to the reviews, this model is good and stable, so it might be easily placed on the sand or slippery ground while fishing. It is easy to be unfolded, so you won’t meet any difficulties arranging it. Yes, it does not have a back support, so it is not recommended for people having problems with their back, as it simply does not provide the needed level of support.


  • compact
  • portable
  • easy to be carried
  • perfect customer support in case of any inconveniences
  • comes with a small carrying bag


  • needs some practice for opening
  • no armrests or any other support
  • no drink holders
  • no cushion on the seat
  • low stand, not suitable for people having troubles with standing up from the low position

4. Naomi Home Venice Stadium Seat

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A nice, compact and easy to be carried model, though the design is unusual and might seem weird at the beginning. This chair does not have legs and is close to the oriental ones, where people sit on the ground. It is one of the main features which should be taken into account. Though it is small and easy to be transported, carried and folded, it will not fit for sitting in the cold weather or night camping. 

Huge advantage is the size. While being installed, it has only 18 x 20 x 17 and while being stored, it has even less –  32 x 20 x 2 inches. 

This chair is good for the purposes it is supposed to be used – to sit on the bow of the boat, or just to have additional back and arms support while sitting and enjoying a sport event. Surely it can’t be used properly for ground sitting. 

This model is considered to be unique not just in shape and the designer’s approach to the construction, but in its functionality. If this point were the one to be critical, Naomi chair would be the winner. It can be placed literally everywhere you need additional place to sit or get a bit of comfort. Placed on the ground, on the bench or even on the casual stool, this model could become a real treasure, especially for an active traveler. As it was mentioned, it can be folded pretty fast, becoming not a chair, but a puffy cushion, which can be used wherever it is needed. 


  • solid frame
  • big size, shrinking while stored
  • pads on the back and seat
  • small size
  • back is adjustable
  • adjustable armrests
  • two sizes are available
  • wide range of colors
  • folds flat to be transported easily 
  • large hidden back pocket


  • no legs
  • heavy to carry
  • does not have any strap to be attached to the bar seat
  • armrests might be high

5. Portable Folding Camping Stool

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It is probably one of the most interesting chairs on the list. Its design is unique. It is very easy to open, fold, close and carry. This task will be an easy one even for a child. This model is not just a stylish and lightweight one but multipurpose as well. There are a couple of ways it might be used as – basically, a chair, a table or even like a tray. Its height is adjustable, so one can put it as high as it is needed. The minimum height is 2.4 inches, while maximum can be up to 18.5 inches. It weighs only 2.8lbs when packed, that makes this model the lightest one on the list. The maximum load is 330 lbs and this stool will not sink in the sand unlike other collapsible ones. The secret is in its shape and material it is made of. Also, it is the best lightweight camping chair with backpacking.

This model, however, does not have any back support, so in case you have issues with the back or need an item for a long-term sitting, it is better to choose the model offering more support for the spine. This option is considered to be the best in case you are looking for something multi-functional and want to have all-in-one item. But in case you are looking for comfort – please pay attention to the options with paddings. 


  • eco-friendly
  • light
  • easy to be carried
  • adjustable height
  • lifelong guarantee
  • comfortable bag to carry the item while folded. 


  • no back
  • no armrest
  • no drink holder
  • one color only
  • no seat padding

Buyer’s Guide and FAQ

Are the chairs eco-friendly?

Yes, they are. All the chairs on the list are absolutely eco-friendly and made of steel, fabric and other materials, causing no harm for the environment. In case you prefer natural materials, there are options made of wood and cotton, however, they are less popular. 

Can a lightweight chair be used by people with bad knees?

Yes, there’s no restrictions. The lightweight chair does not differ much from any other one, so the person can cope with a casual chair, a lightweight one will not be a problem. However, it is advised to choose a higher option in case of any issues with the knees, joints or spine. There are a lot of modern models, which are easy to carried and unfolded, being rater high. It makes them suitable for everyone. 

Are the drink holders adjustable?

As a rule, in the models like the ones on the list drink holders can’t be adjusted or taken away if the model is equipped with it. However, as the reviews say, most of the lightweight chairs are low enough for the drink to be put on the ground and taken easily. 

Is there any manual showing how to adjust, fold and unfold the items?

It depends, but most of the chairs have some kind of a manual, containing the most important information as well as the technical characteristics of the product and the contacts of the manufacturer. But one of the key features of the lightweight chairs is that the design is extremely user-friendly. It means that they can be used without the manual dye the simple construction and solid materials, reducing the risks of being broken. 

Are the lightweight camping chairs fit for people with overweight?

Yes, there are a lot of models, having bigger sitting. Though they all can easily hold weight up to 300 lbs thanks to the solid frames and joining elements. The only issue might occur in the sitting dimensions, so it is advised to check it beforehand by contacting the support. 

What is better – a padded back or a fabric one?

It depends, for long sitting a padded back is definitely a better option, though tastes differ. In case you have a problems with your back or any issues with the spine, a padded beck is better, as far as there’s less tension and a bit more support for the muscles. In any case, it is recommended to choose the option with some arm and back support in case you are about to spend some substantial time in this chair.

If the back is not adjustable, can we fix it on our own?

It is not advised. Most of the chairs do have adjustable backs and even armrests. The manufacturers, however, warn the customers against any attempts to “improve” the model. The thing is, if the chair were improved and broken soon after or while being improved, the manufacturer will not accept the warranty claim. Please keep it in mind. 


Choose an author as you choose a friend, they say. We would say a bit differently – choose a chair as you choose a friend. Depending on the needs you have, there are a lot of available options. Some of them are designed to be as light as possible, other ones provide more comfort and are easy to be carried. Some models, however, combine minimum weight, comfort and other nice features, so the final choice is up to you. 

 There are a lot of lightweight models, each having its advantages and really cool features. Most users do appreciate a drink holder option as well as adjustable back, or a possibility to carry the item on the shoulder. It is strongly advised to check the review, paying attention to the ones, providing not just pros, but cons as well.

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