Top 5 heavy duty camping chairs

Top 5 heavy duty camping chairs

Going to a picnic or camping with family members and friends can become a marvelous option for those individuals who are eager to get calmer after the whole week of endless work and responsibilities. During such an amazing activity a person can forget about his daily problems and stop being anxious at least for several hours. However, pleasurable time with relatives can be spoiled if a human being doesn’t have a chair that satisfies his own needs. That’s why it’s significant to be careful while choosing such an item. Before buying a chair for camping an individual has to pay attention to some additional features and the materials used for the production because some of these aren’t as tough as the others. Moreover, it’s essential to look at the marginal weight limits this item can hold and the way it’s designed. Otherwise, the seat will be merely broken after a couple of picnics.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated heavy duty camping chairs

  1. KingCamp Steel Chair – Best Option for Dining
  2. ONIVA Picnic Chair – Best Design
  3. Kamp-Rite Chair – Best for Outdoor Activities
  4. Coleman Camp Chair – Best Cheap Seat for Going Outdoors
  5. KingCamp Camping Chair – Best Compact Chair

Our reviews of the top rated heavy duty camping chairs along with our buyers guide will help you choose the right camping chair for you.

Perfect heavy duty camping chairs 

Our team understand that it’s not a simple task to look at all options shown on the market. That’s why we have decided to create a list of the best heavy duty camping chairs. During the composition of this list we were reading dozens of reviews published by real users and found out what doctors thought about each product. That’s why we’re sure that each seat here will be great for those individuals who love spending their spare time outdoors.

1. KingCamp Steel Chair – Best Option for Dining 

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KingCamp has developed a well-designed chair which can be used not only for camping but also for sports events taking place outdoors. The fact that this seat has a capacious bag for cooling drinks and some snack which can hold more than 10 liters makes this chair unique. Furthermore, there is a small but convenient built-in table for having dinner under a right armrest that includes a holder for cups.

This is the best heavy duty camping chair because of the materials used for its development. To make a seat not only comfortable but also lasting KingCamp took durable fabric. This cloth doesn’t tarnish after being washed in the machine. The frame of this seat is manufactured from steel. That’s why it won’t get damaged after falling. Due to these feedstocks the chair can hold 330 pounds. Furthermore, it’s an astonishing option for people having physical pain because the armrests are padded with soft cloth, and a person can readily sit down and stand up.

Good quality materials allow to fold the chair in few seconds, and there is no need to undo the case for freezing.

There is also a lifetime guarantee that goes with the product.

But the weakness of this good is the lack of a case needed for packing and carrying.

Additionally, KingCamp chair isn’t designed for humans who are 5’5 or less due to the fact that they won’t be able to reach the ground while sitting.


  • A dining table with mug holder;
  • A freezer (12 liters);
  • Good-quality textile and steel;
  • Simply folded and taken out;
  • A lifetime guarantee.


  • Goes without any bag;
  • A model for people higher than 5’5.

2. ONIVA Picnic Chair – Best Design

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This heavy duty camp chair is manufactured by ONIVA. This is a corporation which specializes in furniture and accessories for picnics.

This seat has become one of their bestselling products due to its unusual and convenient design. It’s released in 3 colors such as red, blue and black. The seat is made of a firm contexture and the frame is aluminum and covered with black powder. Such a substance makes metal heavier. That’s why the chair can keep about 350 pounds. Even though it’s strong, it’s soft enough. That’s why one won’t feel any uncomfortable pains after hours of relaxation in this chair. Standing up isn’t difficult because of tender arms. 

The uniqueness of this chair is in the number of options it has. This is not just a suitable seat but also a freezer. The cooler which can accommodate dozens of liters is under left armrest. It also has an additional pocket for goods. To make the portable fridge easier to carry there are stripes. So, a traveler can take it as a backpack. 

There is a table with a mug keeper near a right arm. Additionally, it has some shelves for holding books or snacks. Furthermore, there is a separate holder for a telephone.

The manufacturer provides clients with a lifetime guarantee. It means that if someone has received a broken product, he can return his money or replace it and receive a new one.

Nevertheless, some consumers write that it’s too heavyweight, and it’s impossible to move it alone without any help.


  • 3 colors (red, blue and black);
  • An endless guarantee;
  • Aluminum frame covered with powder;
  • Can keep 350 pounds;
  • A table with shelves and a cup keeper;
  • Pockets;
  • A soft backrest and armrests;
  • A spacious freezing case (holds 25 bottles).


  • Heavy in weight;
  • Difficult to move.

3. Kamp-Rite Chair – Best for Outdoor Activities

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A chair which is provided by Kamp-Rite manufacturer can be a marvelous choice for individuals who want to enjoy their time with their relatives without thinking about any pain in their legs or spine.

The seat is represented in 3 colors, and these are black, blue and red. 

Even though it’s a lasting product, it’s not heavyweight, and its mass is only about 6.5 kilograms. It’s become possible because the frame was made of aluminum. A metal frame can keep 136 kilos, and some reviewers publish that it can hold even more.

To make the seat soft but also solid Kamp-Rite company used polyester. This cloth will never get damaged even after downpours. Furthermore, if there are some spots, they can be vanished with hand-washing. Arm muscles can fully release because the armrests are upholstered.

Nevertheless, this is not merely a seat but also a fridge. A bag is located under a left armrest and can be loaded with 12 bottles filled with drinks. A plastic table which has a keeper for beverages is built-in a right arm.

However, some of those who have already bought the chair write that it’s not an option for those who are looking for a portable seat. As they mention, it’s hard to fold it, and the carrying is difficult because there is no bag for such a purpose in the kit.


  • A table made of plastic with a glass keeper;
  • A spacious fridge;
  • 3 colors (black, blue and red);
  • A polyester seat;
  • An aluminum frame.


  • Not portable.

4. Coleman Camp Chair – Best Cheap Seat for Going Outdoors

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Coleman is a worldwide-spread brand which is concentrated in providing products for different outdoor activities, and camping chairs is one of their main specializations. 

Even though this chair has quite an ordinary design, it’s represented in 4 different colors such as red, black, blue and grey. In order to make recreation more pleasurable, the developer has created a capacious seat which is about 60 cm. That’s why a person can put a cushion behind to make a backrest softer. 

Although this is one of the cheapest options, Coleman company uses lasting cloth to make the chair firmer. The base is made of steel. That is why a maximum weight limit is 147 kilos. Nevertheless, the chair itself is only about 3 kilos.

Furthermore, this seat is habilitated with a cooler built-in a left armrest which can hold 4 full bottles. That’s why one won’t get thirsty after several hours in the chair. To put some essential goods someone will be able to use a pocket. Furthermore, there is a handy slot for cans in a right arm.

But the main advantage of this item is a bag for transportation. The seat can be merely folded and put inside this case.

Moreover, the manufacturer provides clients with a year guarantee. So, if there are some problems with the product, a customer can demand for a replacement.

But some users write that the chair handles no more than a couple of hours. That’s why it’s significant not to put anything heavier than 147 kilos.


  • 4 colors to choose from (red, black, blue and grey);
  • A spacious seat;
  • A steel base;
  • A case to take over;
  • A cooler and a pocket for some goods;
  • A year guarantee.


  • Doesn’t handle heavy items.

5. KingCamp Camping Chair – Best Compact Chair

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If somebody doesn’t have much space in the trunk and spend much time outdoors, this is the best heavy duty camping chair for him. It’s developed by KingCamp and compact in sizes. The height is just 92 cm, and the wight of the seat is 78 cm. The construction is simple. That’s why it takes no more than a dozen seconds to open and close the chair. 

One more plus of the seat is the fact that it’s light in weight. Even though the base is made of robust steel, the mass of the chair is 5.4 kgs. KingCamp is concerned about it’s clients comfort, that’s why it uses soft cloth for the seat and backrest. These materials breathe. So, body won’t get sweaty during a hot day.

It’s not hard to get on the legs after many hours in the chair because armrests are covered with mild cloth.

Since this model is consigned for a long relaxation, it’s equipped with a handy table that has a mug handle. It doesn’t need to be taken off in order to carry the seat.

The only thing a person ought to do in order to move it is to close it and hold stripes.

The corporation supplies customers with an unlimited guarantee. If somebody wants to find out more about his seat or to replace it, he ought to contact the support.

Nevertheless, the disadvantage of the chair is the lack of space. Additionally, there is only one color to choose from.


  • Handy model;
  • A table with a bottle keeper;
  • Great materials;
  • Unlimited guarantee;
  • Straps for moving;
  • Light in weight.


  • Not much space;
  • No color choice.

Buyer’s Guide

Why is a heavy duty chair a better option for camping?

Camping is an activity which can take place in the nature where the weather is unpredictable. It can get windy unexpectedly. That’s why if an individual has a light and cheap seat, it will break after the first outdoors experience. A heavy duty item is an astonishing option for those who want to avoid such situations. They don’t fracture because their base is made of metal. Moreover, they are more spacious and will be able to keep more weight. 

One more thing to mention is the fact that all all the seats on the best heavy duty camping chairs 2020 list are equipped with mug holders, and most of them have a fridge and a table that shouldn’t be unfixed for folding.

How to make a right choice?

Not to make a mistake while choosing the seat one ought to look at:

  • The guarantee;
  • The weight limit;
  • Seat materials;
  • The height.

Moreover, it’s significant to pay attention if the product has any additional features such as a case for cooling food and beverages or the bag for moving chair in the set. Furthermore, if a person has problems with his arms, he ought to prefer prototypes with armrests covered with soft cloth. It will help then not to feel uncomfortable while standing or resting because their muscles will be able to wind down.

Which chair is better for low people?

Individuals who are 5’5 or less have to look at the models which are less than 14 inches. So, they won’t feel any pain in their knees.

Won’t I get wet because of heavy materials?

Although the manufacturers take well-quality contexture for the seat and backrest, this fabric breathes. That’s why there aren’t any uncomfortable feelings after the whole day being in the seat.

Final decision 

While creating this list our team has compared dozens of options in order to find the most convenient chairs for a valuable price. Taking into consideration all advantages and disadvantages, we’ve decided that KingCamp steel chair is the most magnificent for outdoor activities. It’s supplied with a chair and a cooling case. That’s why a person cannot frankly seat but dine there. It’s astounding for individuals higher than 5’5.

The second place is for picnic chair by ONIVA. This is the most persistent version that is able to hold 147 kilos. The main thing which make the chair different is that it has shelves under the table. They are added for keeping not only books but also heavy gadgets. Both of these items have endless guarantees.

And Kamp-Rite Chair is our main recommendation either. There is an aluminum base letting to keep 300 lbs. To fold it one doesn’t have to dismount a plastic table and a fridge.

Best heavy duty camping chairs in 2020
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