Top 5 camping chairs for bad backs

Top 5 camping chairs for bad backs

Camping is a marvelous way to relax after a long working week. This is an amazing option for those who want to spend time with their family members or friends and for individuals who are eager to forget about their daily problems even for a couple of days. However, sometimes such a pleasurable activity can be simply spoiled with some issues with physical health: for example, back pain is is the most common among modern people. The main reason for this is the fact that an average person who works in an office has to spend at least 8 hours per day in front of a computer sitting in an uncomfortable chair.

How to avoid such an unpleasant situation and  relax wholly while being far from your routine life? In this case, one needs to find the most convenient chair. Here is a list of the greatest items for individuals suffering from such problems. We’ve chosen these chairs out of thousands products. All of them are light in weight and can be simply put in the trunk. However, it’s significant to look at the marginal weight limits of each seat. Otherwise, your experience with the product will be spoiled.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Camping chairs for bad back

  1. STRONGBACK Guru Camp Chair with Lumbar Support – Best solution for a correct posture
  2. STRONGBACK Elite camp chair for bad back – Best choice for tall people 
  3. CORE Camping Chair with Hard Arms – Best spacious seat
  4. KingCamp Camping Chair – Best for a long rest
  5. Timber Ridge Portable Camping Chair – Best seat padding

Our reviews of the top rated camping chairs for bad back along with our buyers guide will help you choose the right camping chair for you.

The greatest camping chairs for bad backs

Our team has spent lots of hours in order to find the best camping chair for bad backs. In this case we’ve read dozens articles written by doctors and experts in this field. Furthermore, we have gone through hundreds reviews published by average individuals who have problems with their backs. That’s why we can recommend for sure all options on this list.

1. STRONGBACK Guru Camp Chair with Lumbar Support – Best solution for a correct posture 

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It has an award for a unique design protecting the lower back from pain even after the entire day of sitting in this chair. An innovative engineering is aimed at improving person’s posture and  support his back. One feels absolutely calm in this chair.

This camp chair might be an amazing option for a person if he is 5’8 or lower. It’s designed for individuals whose weight is 136 kilos or under.

It’s a portable option. That’s why one can simply pack it and take with him while camping, going to a picnic or some outdoors events. It’s light and weights only 10.5 pounds. To make carrying even more convenient the product has a special case with stripe. Person could just take it as a backpack.

Moreover, this product is made of good quality materials such as polyester and lasting fabric. That’s why one doesn’t need to worry if his chair is got wet because it will never be damaged.

To make such an item even more solid the developers use steel frame which is covered with black powder. Such a component is aimed to make steel corrosion-proof.

However, the producers pay attention not only to the quality of the chair for back pain but also to its design. This model is released in three colors, namely:  lime green, navy and black.

While purchasing a camping chair, a buyer also receives a two-year guarantee by the developers.


  • Lumbar support;
  • An amazing choice for individuals under 5’8;
  • Good quality cloth;
  • 2-year guarantee;
  • A case with back strips for carrying;
  • Lightweight;
  • 3 colors to choose from (black, navy and lime green).


  • Not an option for tall individuals;
  • It’s needed to put a soft pad cause it gets uncomfortable after sitting in it for some time.

2. STRONGBACK Elite camp chair for bad back – Best choice for tall people 

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This is the best luxury camp chair for bad back produced by STRONGBACK. 

It might be quite beneficial for tall individuals who have some problems with their spine because it’s developed specifically for those who are 5’8 and more. To feel comfortable one needs to weight 136 kilos or less. 

This camping chair is developed with an innovative technology which increases lumbar support for which the manufacturer has won an award. Even after several hours of sitting in the chair a person doesn’t feel any tension, and his body is absolutely rested. Moreover, this patented technology also avoids leg pinching.

It can be taken everywhere because there is a special case with durable stripes with the product. That’s why one can put the chair inside and take this case like a backpack. Moreover, the chair itself weighs only 11.9 pounds.

During the development process the manufacturer also was paying attention to the quality of the materials. The seat of the chair is made of lasting polyester and solid fabric. The frame is produced of steel which is covered with black powder. All these high quality materials are aimed at making the chair more persistent to breakage which can be caused with different factors.

The chair is developed in 4 different colors. While buying, one can choose from navy, lime, camo and black.

STRONGBACK also provides 2-year guarantee for this camping chair. That’s why if one has problems dealing with the product during this period, he can return it and receive a full refund or replace it to a new item. 


  • A unique technology for lumbar support;
  • A solution for individuals who are 5’8 and more;
  • 4 colors;
  • Good quality cloth;
  • 2-year guarantee;
  • Goes with a striped case for carrying;
  • Light mass.


  • Only for tall individuals;
  • Can be broken during the guarantee period.

3. CORE Camping Chair with Hard Arms – Best spacious seat

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This is a camping chair produced by CORE, a company which is aimed at providing a better experience while being outdoors. This seat has more space than other options. It’s 25.5 inches from side to side and 18 inches deep. That’s why one can put a rug as a pad to feel comfortable even after sitting for several hours.

This is a marvelous option not only for camping but also for some sports events.

The chair also has hard arms to provide more support and to make standing up more convenient. There is also a capacious pocket under a left arm which could be used as a storage for some essential items. There is also a holder for cups under a right arm.

This product goes with a spacious case with stripes which is aimed at making carrying easier.

It’s developed in 2 colors, namely: wine and gray.

The seat is produced from high quality polyester. This material simply gets dry or fray even after several washings. The frame is made from durable steel which cannot be damaged even after hitting. These lasting materials increase the strength of the chair. Its capacity is 136 kilos, and some individuals add that it can hold even more.

However, some individuals who have already used this camping chair complain that the materials don’t breathe, and one can simply get warm after an hour of sitting in it.


  • A marvelous capacity;
  • Hard arms;
  • A storage pocket;
  • A striped case for carrying;
  • A holder to keep cups;
  • Good quality cloth;
  • 2 colors of the seat.


  • The fabric doesn’t breathe.

4. KingCamp Camping Chair – Best for a long rest

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KingCamp has produced a comfortable chair for individuals who have pains in their back. The main advantage of this item that it’s not only a seat because it also includes a spacious cooler bag (12 liters). It’s fixed under a left arm and can keep some food and drinks cold. There is also a small built-in table with a holder for cups under a right arm.

The construction of the chair allows to set and fold it in seconds, and one doesn’t need to dismantle the table and freezing bag.

This item can be taken for a camping, picnic and other outdoor activities.

To produce the chair KingCamp uses good quality materials. The seat is made of durable fabric, and the frame is produced from solid lasting which won’t get damaged after dozens foldings. These strong materials make it possible to hold up to 330 pounds. To make standing up more comfortable hand armrests are padded.

Furthermore, the corporation provides customers with a lifetime guarantee.

The individuals who use this chair noticed that the main shortcoming is that there is no case for carrying.

Moreover, this is not the best option for individuals who are 5’5 and lower because their feet don’t reach the ground.


  • A table with a holder for cups;
  • A capacious freezing case;
  • Simple folding;
  • Durable fabric and lasting steel;
  • A lifetime guarantee.


  • No case for taking along;
  • Only for individuals taller than 5’5.

5. Timber Ridge Portable Camping Chair – Best seat padding

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This camping chair is developed by Timber Right, a corporation which specializes in producing different goods for outdoor activities. 

This is one of the lightest options because it weighs only 4.3 kilos. It can be simply folded. However, the chair can hold up to 136 kilos. It’s possible because the frame is produced from a lasting aluminum. This material is resistant and won’t get damaged after several dozens foldings.

The seat is made of a lasting polyester. This high quality material breathes. That’s why the chair is a marvelous option even during hot days. Moreover, there is a soft head rest and a padding to make one feel comfortable even after several hours of sitting. Some individuals say that it’s not only comfortable but also looks like a luxurious item.

There is also a plastic holder under a right arm where you might put some essentials or a bottle.

This camping chair is sold with a carrying black case which can be simply put into a trunk. This is a marvelous option not only for outdoor activities or picnic but also for a long trip.

The manufacturer has made a unique design of the chair. It can be bought in green or blue color.

There is a 1-year guarantee with this chair. The manufacturer will replace the item if there are some damages or other defects during this period of time.

However, some reviewers say that there isn’t enough seat space as they thought.


  • A carrying case;
  • A soft padding;
  • 1-year guarantee;
  • 2 colors (green and blue).


  • Less seat space.

Buyer’s Guide 

Why do I need to get a special camp chair if I have spine problems?

While producing this kind of chairs developers take into account the fact that this item mustn’t cause any hurtful feelings. That’s why they use high quality materials which are soft and tougher. These chairs have some specific options such as a lumbar support. Body is fully rested after the whole day in this seat.

Are camping chairs for bad spine comfortable if I have pain in my knees?

A person having problems with his knees can simply get up and sit in the chair. To feel comfortable one should pay attention to the height recommendations to avoid excessive knee bending.

Which extra features do these chairs for camping have?

Most of the chairs are produced with holders for essentials which are fixed under one of the arms. There are also items including cup holders, coolers or small tables. Most chairs are sold with striped bags.

Will I slide out while sitting?

It’s impossible to slide out because chairs are made of lasting materials and will hold a person even if he gets asleep. The only thing one should pay attention while choosing the chair is the capacity. Most options can hold up to 136 kilos, but there are some items for individuals who weigh more.

How to choose a camping chair if I am tall?

It’s better for tall individuals to pay attention to items which have longer back. The whole spine will be supported, and one doesn’t need to bend his knees too much.

Which options are the main for the chair?

Individuals who have problems with their spines firstly ought to pay attention to:

  • Lumbar support;
  • Padded arms for easier standing up;
  • Marginal capacity.

Moreover, it’s essential to look if the company gives guarantee with the item and if it goes with a case for carrying.

Final decision 

Taking all the pros and cons of the chairs on this list, our team has decided that Guru camp chair produced by STRONGBACK is the best option. It’s produced with unique lumbar support technology and can be used by individuals who are lower than 5’7.

The second one is Elite camp chair by STRONGBACK. It has much in common with the first option but it is developed specifically for tall individuals who are 5’8 and more. Both of these products provided by this brand have 2-year guarantee and a case for taking everywhere that has stripes.

And last but not least is CORE chair. It’s the lightest option that weighs only 4.3 kilos. Furthermore, there are hard arms which are padded with soft materials in order to make it easier stand up. There’s a lifelong guarantee with this camping chair and a holder for essential items.


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