Top 5 best rated rocking camping chairs

Top 5 best rated rocking camping chairs

Camping is one of the most amazing activities for those individuals who are eager to get released after a hard week of an endless work or merely want to spend a little bit more time with their beloved family members and friends. While being outdoors one doesn’t only forget about his routine responsibilities but also can simply rest his muscles. However, camping can be easily spoiled if there aren’t any appropriate seats developed specifically for such purposes. If it’s uncomfortable to sit outdoors, the only thing a person will need is to leave that place as soon as possible. That’s why it’s essential to be careful while choosing a camping rocking chair. It’s significant to pay attention to its design as well as to the number of additional features it has before purchasing it. Otherwise, there’s a high risk that this seat will be broken soon.

High-rated rocking camping chairs 

Our team understands that it’s quite difficult to choose the best rocking camping chair if there’s no experience. That’s why we have decided to compose a list of the most useful items. While completing it, we’ve gone through lots of reviews published by those individuals who have already bought seats. Furthermore, we have read dozens of articles written by professionals and doctors because it’s important to choose only those goods which won’t be harmful for the physical health. That’s why we have no doubt that all items on this list can be called the best outdoor camping rocking chair.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated rocking camping chairs

  1. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Chair – Best Folding seat
  2. GCI Outdoor FirePit Chair – Best Low Option
  3. ALPS Mountaineering Chair – Best Spacious Item
  4. Mac Sports Chair – Best for Camping and Fishing
  5. ALPS Mountaineering Low Chair – Best for Taking Everywhere

Our reviews of the top rated rocking camp chairs along with our buyers guide will help you choose the right camp chair for you.

1. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Chair – Best Folding seat

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This seat for camping has been developed by GCI Outdoor company which specializes in manufacturing products for camping and sports events.

The main advantage of this best camping chair rocking is the fact that its base is made of lasting steel which is covered with powder. Such a substance is needed to make the seat firmer. That’s why it can merely hold 113 kilos. Although it’s so robust, it’s light in weight, and its mass is only about 5.5 kilos.

Such a lightweight makes this item great for those who are looking for a portable option. Moreover, it can be folded in several seconds with a unique technology Eazy-Fold patented by GCI Outdoor. To simplify the carrying the company has added a handle.

The seat doesn’t fall even if it’s mounted on the rock due to originally manufactured feet.

However, this chair isn’t only tough but also comfortable because the seat and backrest are made of soft cloth. That’s why a person would never feel any pain in his spine after several hours of sitting. To make it even more comfortable the manufacturer has covered armrests with fabric. It helps make standing up and sitting down easier, and muscles are absolutely released.

This item is handy because there is a built-in keeper for bottles under a right armrest.

The seat is launched in two colors, and these are indigo blue and cinnamon.

GCI Outdoor provides the customers with a limited lifetime guarantee. That’s if there are some problems in this seat, it’s possible to replace the item or to get a refund.

However, the main shortage found by reviewers is that this seat has a straight backrest. That’s why it’s not the most suitable option for humans having problems with their spines.


  • Lasting cloth;
  • Steel frame;
  • Light in weight;
  • A unique folding technique;
  • A keeper for bottles;
  • Steady on rocks and uneven surface;
  • Armrests are covered with soft cloth;
  • A handle for moving;
  • A limited guarantee;
  • Two colors (indigo blue and cinnamon).


  • A straight backrest.

2. GCI Outdoor FirePit Chair – Best Low Option

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This best outdoor camping rocking chair is also launched by GCI Outdoor. 

The frame of this seat is produced from steel which is overspread with powder. It can hold 113 kilos and will be great for those who are 5’5 or less because the height of this item is about 38 cm, and its weight is 5.3 kilos. Such a size allows to take this chair even if there is not much space in the trunk. Furthermore, the seat is easy to take with yourself because it’s equipped with a handle.

The chair is so strong because of the seat which is developed from fail-operational cloth. This material is soft and it breathes. That’s why it’s a comfortable option even during hot days. Moreover, if there are some spots, they can be removed with hand washing. Armrests are coated with a smooth cloth. So, getting up and down becomes more artlessly.

The seat is manufactured with using distinctive features. And the first of them is a Spring-Action technology that allows to mount the item everywhere. It won’t fall even on the lawn or rock. The second is a Eazy-Fold technique which is aimed to simplify the opening and closing of the chair.

To make the sitting more pleasurable the manufacturer has tooled it with a holder for cups.

With this item a customer receives a limited guarantee provided by GCI Outdoor.

The item is generated in only one color, and this is grey.

The main complaint users have is the fact that it won’t fit people taller than 5’5 because their legs won’t feel comfortable, and they will have to bend their knees too much.


  • Lightweight;
  • Strong cloth;
  • A frame is from steel and covered with powder;
  • A handle for taking everywhere;
  • A bottle keeper;
  • Comfy armrests;
  • Spring-Action technology;
  • A limited guarantee.


  • Only for humans less than 5’5.

3. ALPS Mountaineering Chair – Best Spacious Item

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This rock seat is provided by ALPS Mountaineering. The brand specializes in generating products specifically for outdoor activities. 

This option is much bigger in size than two previous items. Its weight is almost 8 kilos. However, it means that the capacity of the seat is more. The item can handle 136 kilos. It’s become possible because of the materials used for the development. A frame is fabricated from steel, and for a seat and a backrest ALPS brand chose fail-safe polyester.

To make the seat more comfortable the manufacturer has enhanced the width, which is 50.8 cm. So, to increase the coziness a person can merely put a cushion under his back.

Although the chair has an unusual construction, it’s still can be folded. But there’s no case for transportation.

While purchasing, somebody can choose out of two color designs. The first option is khaki, and the second one is navy combined with charcoal.

When receiving the product, customers get a limited lifetime guarantee. In case if there are any issues with the seat, a client will be able to contact the crew of this brand.

However, there are some shortcomings. It’s noticed that after a month of using the seat begins to squeak.

Moreover, other users write that it’s complicated to wash the cloth because it’s almost impossible to take off the fabric.


  • A spacious option;
  • Folds in seconds;
  • Two color designs (khaki and navy combined with charcoal);
  • A limited lifetime guarantee;
  • Durable cloth and steel base.


  • Starts squeaking after a month;
  • Hard to wash.

4. Mac Sports Chair – Best for Camping and Fishing

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This rocking seat is provided by Mac Sports corporation. This brand has been producing goods especially for sports, camping and beach since 1993.

To create this item the developers used unique techniques. They let release a portable chair that can handle 102 kilos. Although it’s so stanch, its height 83 cm, and the weight is 4.5 kilos. Such indicators are achieved at the expense of an anti-mildew frame and a seat developed from polyester. Such a contexture doesn’t get wet easily even during a rainfall, and it doesn’t wrinkle. That’s why this chair looks like a new item even after dozens of foldings.

This item is high. That’s why it will be a marvelous option for those human beings who are taller than 6 ft. Otherwise, feet won’t touch the ground, and it won’t be uncomfortable to sit.

Standing up isn’t difficult after hours of sitting because the armrests are padded with a mild cloth. 

There is a handy pocket under a right armrest which can be used as a storage for essentials or a mug with a beverage. This pocket is equipped with a zipper inside.

Folding isn’t hard, and a person can close it by himself in 5 seconds. There is a handle for transportation. 

The chair is demonstrated in two different colors, and these are red and blue. 

There is a one-year guarantee for the product. In case if there are any issues with this good, someone is permitted to receive a replacement.

The only disadvantage here is the fact that this is not the most amazing option for those who aren’t tall.


  • Sturdy contexture;
  • Firm base covered with anti-mildew compound;
  • A pocket with a zipper for essentials;
  • Fast folding;
  • Two colors (red and blue);
  • Comfy armrests;
  • Not heavy.


  • Not the best for those who are less than 6 ft.

5. ALPS Mountaineering Low Chair – Best for Taking Everywhere

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This is a low chair for camping because the height of this model is 78 cm. The weight isn’t big either, and it’s 4.9 kilos. Although the size of this seat is small, it will be able to handle 136 kilos.

Such a magnificent capacity of this good is accomplished with the materials. The base of the chair is developed from a steel covered with innovative coating that protects the metal from corrosion and depreciation. The seat is strength owing to durable but still soft contexture that doesn’t tear. An individual doesn’t feel any discomfort even after the whole day in the chair due to the armrests that are coped with a mild coverage.

It takes a couple of seconds to fold it in virtue of tenacious spares. The transferring is facilitated thanks to a shoulder case.

The corporation has generated this model in one design, and this is blue combined with grey.

However, in some reviews publishers draw attention to the fact that the chair is too low, and it can be difficult to get up. Additionally, some of them write that there aren’t additional features such as a mug keeper or a table.


  • Perfect for low individuals;
  • Convenient armrests;
  • Strong base;
  • Firm cloth;
  • A bag for carrying the chair.


  • Hard to stand up;
  • No any additive features.

Buyer’s Guide

How does a rocking chair differ from a typical one?

The main difference of a rocking option is in the construction that helps fully rest because somebody can lean on a backrest in a reclining position. Such a posture permits to absolutely relax the body. Nevertheless, it doesn’t obstruct the standing.

Can I use it if I have problems with my knees?

A rocking chair is a magnificent option for those who are suffering from a pain in their knees insomuch as he won’t need to bend them. Nevertheless, it’s essential to choose those seats that chime in with the height of a person. Otherwise, if the model is for tall users, feet won’t touch the ground.

Is it possible to fold a chair?

Rocking chairs for camping have the same construction as conventional products. That’s why they can be folded the same way as other seats.

Do rocking chairs have additional features?

Yes, they do. Some prototypes are equipped with holders for beverages, and others have pockets for some essential goods.

How to choose a chair?

To find out a perfect rocking model a person should look at these characteristics before ordering:

  • The capacity;
  • The weight;
  • The materials used for a seat and a frame;
  • Additional options;
  • The guarantee.

Our decision 

While composing the list, we were going through dozens of best rated rocking chairs and reading thousands of reviews. As a result, we have found out the most comfortable options not having an expensive price. The best for us is GCI Outdoor Freestyle chair. It’s produced with an original technique which consents not to fall even on an uneven surface or a lawn. Although the mass is 5.5 kilos, a maximum capacity is 113 kilos. Moreover, it’s supplied with a holder for bottles.

The second place is for GCI Outdoor FirePit that will become a great choice for those whose height is less than 5’5. It is rigged with a cup keeper. Both of these prototypes go with a limited lifetime guarantee.

And the last one is ALPS Mountaineering chair that makes sitting more comfortable thanks to a headrest. It can handle up to 136 kilos. The product is provided with a guarantee by the manufacturer.

Best rocking camping chairs in 2020
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