Top 5 best Camping Tables

Top 5 best Camping Tables

Camping is one of the most wonderful activities for weekends and holidays. When you’re in the fresh air, can spend time not only with your family members but also get relaxed, forget about your routine responsibilities and release your muscles. However, being outside without having good quality equipment isn’t the best choice because you feel less comfortable only after a couple of hours. And a camping table is one of the most essential items while you are camping. It can be used as a storage or a surface for having a picnic. 

Nonetheless, some people prefer more conventional tablets made of wood, but these prototypes need much space, and it’s impossible to put them in the trunk of the car. So, it’s much more useful to purchase a modern table that can be folded in a couple of minutes and doesn’t weigh a lot. But how to choose the most beneficial product among dozens of offers? This list of the best camping tables will be helpful for you.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Camping Tables

  1. Lifetime Camping Table – Best to Transport
  2. Coleman Camping Table – Best for a Small Company
  3. TREKOLOGY Table – Best Designed Item
  4. ALPS Mountaineering Table – Best Metallic Product
  5. CoscoProducts Table – Best for Big Companies

Our reviews of the top rated camping tables along with our buyers guide will help you choose the right camp table for you.

The most useful camping tables 

We had been going camping for years before we understood how to find the most profitable products for outdoor activities. So, we realize that it’s not an easy task to pick up the best item, especially when you aren’t an experienced adventurer. To compose a list of the best tables for camping, we have read dozens of reviews published by people who’ve been using these prototypes for a long period. Moreover, we have learned what therapists think about each model. As a result, we have made this top according to all this information, and we’re sure that you will be absolutely satisfied if you purchase one of these items for camping.

1. Lifetime Camping Table – Best to Transport

Best folding camping table

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This table for outdoor activities is developed by Lifetime, a well-known organization producing goods specifically for camping and traveling. Besides these goods it also provides chairs, sheds and furniture.

The main difference of this camping table is the fact that users are allowed to choose one of 3 height settings (from 60 to 90 cm). So it can be exploited by adults and children. Furthermore, such a function is helpful because it makes cleaning the table easier.

This item is spacious because the top of this table is 121 cm in length, and the width is about 60 cm. Although it can be used by the whole family, it doesn’t take much place to transport because it can be folded in several minutes. And to carry this product, it’s possible to use a plastic and durable handle.

Even though this table isn’t heavy and weighs less than 9 kilos, it’s produced of firm materials. The base of the item is developed from steel covered with powder that prevents any corrosion even if the table is used during a rainfall or in a moist climate. The top of this prototype is coated with polyethylene. This material is needed to protect the table from ultraviolet light.

The table has a minimalist design and created only in one color, and it’s available to buy with a white granite top.

Purchasing the table, clients also receive a limited guarantee for 2 years that permits them to get a refund  if the product doesn’t satisfy their needs.

However, in some reviews, it’s noticed that tables can arrive with small holes on the surface, but since client support works great, the damaged items are replaced with new ones quickly.


  • Easy to transport;
  • The height of the table can be changed;
  • Lightweight;
  • Simple folding;
  • Made of durable materials;
  • A guarantee for 2 years;
  • A stylish design;
  • A capacious product.


  • Can come damaged.

2. Coleman Camping Table – Best for a Small Company 

Best lightweight camping table

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This item is manufactured by Coleman, a famous producer of goods for traveling.

It will become a great solution for a small company of 4 because it’s not a big table. The top of it is a square having a width about 70 cm. Since the table is small, it doesn’t weigh a lot, and it’s only 4,5 kilos. That’s why it’s possible to fold and move it even if you want to travel alone.

Even though this item isn’t heavy in weight, it’s developed from lasting materials. To manufacture the frame, Coleman uses steel that is protected from wearing out quickly. To make the top of the table, this company utilizes aluminum known for its waterproof characteristics.

To make the transportation process less complicated, you can use a carry case that goes with this table. Having endurable handles this bag doesn’t tear fast.

The table is available with a white-colored top with metallic legs.

With this table, customers also get a 1-year guarantee.

The only disadvantage found by people who have already bought this table is that an instruction isn’t included in the set. So, if you don’t have any experience in camping, it can be difficult for you to set up the item for the first time.


  • Great for small companies;
  • Isn’t heavy in weight;
  • Can be folded quickly;
  • The frame is made of steel;
  • A case for transportation;
  • A guarantee for 1 year.


  • An instruction isn’t provided.

3. TREKOLOGY Table – Best Designed Item

Best camping table in 2020

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The producer of this item included in the list of the best folding camping tables is TREKOLOGY. Although this organization was founded in Peru only several years ago, it’s already become popular for affordable items for outdoors because while developing the goods, the company pays attention not only to the quality but also to the convenience for all people.

The main advantage of this camping table is the materials used for the production. The top of this item is developed from aluminum. It avoids utilizing the table without thinking about the weather because it doesn’t get wet fast. The frame of the products is also manufactured from durable materials. So, this good can be used for different purposes including cooking and other heavy activities. It will be able to support up to 13 kilos. Moreover, these durable materials permit using the table on an uneven surface because the legs are designed with special caps.

Being made of good quality materials this table is lightweight. The weight of this item is less than 1 kilo, and its height is only 32.5 cm. So, it’s possible to utilize it while sitting on the ground. The table is a marvelous choice for a group of 2 because the width is 34.5 cm, and the length is less than 40 cm.

Since it’s so small, you aren’t obligated to use any additional equipment to set up the table. The only thing you need to do is to fix the top and the legs. As the manufacturer promises, it’s possible to set up the item using one hand.

To carry the table with you, you can exploit a black case included with the product and having a strap.

A good-looking design of this item makes it more appealing. You can order this table in blue or brown.

Most of the customers are satisfied with the table. Nonetheless, others mention that it’s better not to use the item for heavy goods and recommend utilizing it only for eating.


  • Lightweight;
  • Simple to set up;
  • Stable;
  • Developed from firm materials;
  • Designed in 2 colors (blue and brown);
  • A bag for taking everywhere;
  • Low height.


  • It won’t be able to support heavy items.

4. ALPS Mountaineering Table – Best Metallic Product

Best camping table for 2020

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ALPS Mountaineering is one of the most popular manufacturers that is known for developing all types of furniture and accessories for adventures, and camping tables are one of its key goods to produce.

This table is durable because of a unique base it has. The frame is manufactured from aluminum that doesn’t get damaged after several years of exploitation of the item. So, this model can be utilized while it’s raining. Moreover, this material makes the table more stable, and it won’t fall if it’s put on an uneven surface or it’s windy outside.

The tabletop is also sturdy, and it will handle all of the plates and food placed on it. However, it’s not developed for big companies because the width and the length are only 71 cm.

Since the table is small, it doesn’t weigh much, and it’s less than 3 kilos. So, you can take this item with yourself when you go hiking, and it won’t make your experience more difficult.

The setting up process takes less than 5 minutes because the table has a useful folding system. To carry the product, you ought to exploit a capacious bag having strong stripes. It can be utilized not only for transportation but also for storage.

One more reason to choose this camping table instead of others is that it doesn’t have anything useless. The producers have developed the top of the item in two colors, and these are silver and clay.

The company itself has a wonderful support service, and if you deal with any problems with your camping table, you are permitted to contact the professionals, and they will be able to solve your issues in several minutes.

According to the reviews, this table is a magnificent option for camping and other outdoor activities. However, some of the users complain that they expected it to be a little bit higher. So, before purchasing the item, you should get aware of the fact that the height is only 70 cm.


  • It’s not heavy;
  • Folding doesn’t take much time;
  • Possible to exploit on an uneven surface;
  • An efficient customer service;
  • A bag for carrying and storage;
  • Designed in 2 colors (silver and clay).


  • The height is only 70 cm.

5. CoscoProducts Table – Best for Big Companies

Best table for camping  2020

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CoscoProducts is a corporation that has been manufacturing goods for more than 80 years. With this company, it’s possible to purchase furniture for indoors and outdoors including items for children and folding chairs and tables.

One of the main pros of this table s that it’s much more spacious than the previous prototypes. The length of this item is almost 200 cm, and the width is almost 75 cm, the same as the height. So, it can handle more kilos than others because the frame is manufactured from aluminum. The top of the table is developed from polyethylene. This material is not only a firm one, but it’s also easy to clean the surface without using any special tools for such an activity.

Although the materials used for the production are lasting, the table itself isn’t heavy. The weight of this product is 11.5 kilos. So, you don’t need anybody to help you fold the item or set it up. The carrying process is also simplified because the table has a built-in handle. You don’t need to worry that during the transportation the table opens because it has a useful lock.

The design of this table is stylish, and this table can be used even indoors. You can be sure that your floor won’t get damaged because all legs have tips. The table is sold in 3 colors such as white, gray and black.

The product itself is great. Nevertheless, some people say that it can arrive damaged, but if you contact the company, it will be replaced for a new item.


  • Great for indoors and outdoors;
  • Fast folding;
  • Can be carried with a built-in handle;
  • A lock that doesn’t allow the table to open;
  • Spacious;
  • Isn’t heavy;
  • Can be cleaned easily.


  • Can arrive damaged.

Buyer’s Guide 

How to choose the best camping table?

While choosing the best lightweight camping tables it’s recommended to draw attention to these factors:

  • The capacity of the table;
  • The easiness of setting up;
  • How much the item can support;
  • How to carry the table;
  • The weight of the table.

Is it possible to use the table on an uneven surface?

In case the table has legs made of firm materials, it won’t fall while standing on a rough surface. Furthermore, some manufacturers add special tips on the bottom to make the items more stable.


Summing up, we want to say that all items on the list of the best portable camping tables are great for those who like being in the fresh air. However, as we believe, the product developed by Lifetime is the most useful. It’s easy to transport because it has a special handle, and buying the item you get a guarantee for 2 years.

The second place goes to Coleman table. It’s an amazing choice for small companies. To carry it, you can use a special bag going in the set. It’s not heavy, but a steel frame makes it more durable. With the table, you receive a one-year guarantee.

We also recommend drawing attention to the table by TREKOLOGY. It combines a good-looking design with a simple setting up and lightness.

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