Top 5 best camping cots in 2020

Top 5 best camping cots in 2020

Camping and traveling are a great solution for people who feel exhausted and want to get relaxed at least for several hours. Nonetheless, sometimes fresh air and nature are not enough for those who are going outside. In this case, it’s essential to also pay attention to equipment used for camping. For example, without a well-made camping cot, a night spent near the rocks will turn out to be a real nightmare because the back will be in pain, and your legs will also swell out. That’s why for people who want to rest on nature with his family and not thinking about problems with his physical health, it’s significant to take a camping cot with him. We’ve found out the best cots for camping 2020, and here’s a list of the products that will make your experience outside magnificent.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Camping Cots

  1. TETON Sports Cot – Best Folding Item
  2. Coleman Cot – Best for Sleeping Outdoors
  3. Byer of Main Sleeping Cot – Best with a Travel Bag
  4. Colman Cot with a Table – Best with Additional Equipment
  5. Colman Queen Cot – Best with Mild Mattress

Our reviews of the top rated cots along with our buyers guide will help you choose the right cot for you.

The most comfortable camping cots 

We understand that it is not an easy task to find out the best cots for camping 2020, especially if the person who is choosing a particular item has never traveled alone. That’s why our team of professionals has decided to compose a list of the most suitable camping cots that will satisfy travelers’ needs. While choosing the items, we were reading dozens of reviews published by those individuals who have already slept using such equipment. Moreover, we have found out therapists’ point of view on each cot and read lots of articles by doctors who specialize in this sphere. That’s why we have no doubt that all of the items on this list won’t do any harm to the health. 

1. TETON Sports Cot – Best Folding Item 

Best camping cot for 2020

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This comfortable camping cot is produced by TETON Sports. This it an international corporation that specializes in developing items for different outdoor activities including traveling.

The main advantage of this cot is that it’s manufactured from strong materials. The base of this item is developed from steel, and to make it even more stable, the producer has added 5 legs. There are some connecting pins on it. That’s why this camping cot will never fall apart even if it is put on an uneven surface. People sleeping on this cot don’t feel pain in their backs due to the fact that the bed itself is developed from an enduring but still soft contexture. 

Although these firm materials allow to hold up to 270 kilos, the cot weights less than 12 kilos. That’s why it will be a great solution for people who go camping alone because they don’t need any help to move the item. And the folding is also easy, as the manufacture promises, even a child can do it quickly. To close up the cot, it will take no longer than 5 minutes. It means that it can be simply put into the trunk of the car.

This camping bed can be used by tall people whose height is more than 200 cm.

The cot has a simple bud good-looking design, and it’s produced only in black color.

In case after buying the cot, the customer has any problems with using it, he can contact the support team that will solve an issue fast.

The only concern people who have purchased this prototype have is the fact that a carrying bag that comes with the product isn’t as durable as the product itself. That’s why it’s better to use another case to avoid any unexpected situations.


  • The frame is made of steel;
  • Firm and soft cloth;
  • It’s not heavy;
  • 5 legs for putting on an uneven surface;
  • Easy to fold;
  • Great for tall people;
  • Comfortable sleeping.


  • The bag for carrying isn’t durable.

2. Coleman Cot – Best for Sleeping Outdoors

Best camping cot in 2020

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This item that is included in the list of the best rated camping cots is developed by Coleman. This it a well-known corporation that produces great quality goods specifically to make people’s experience outdoors more enjoyable.

One of the main reasons to choose this camping bad is the fact that it consists of not only the frame itself but also includes a sleeping pad that’s made of foam. That’s why if you purchase it, you won’t feel pain in your back, and you will get asleep in several seconds. Furthermore, the fact that it already has a mattress means that travelers don’t need to load an additional bedspring, and if they have a spacious backpack, they will be able to put this item where.

To make the bad more stable, Coleman uses the base that is manufactured from steel. To make it more stable, there’s a suspension system. However, the weight of the products is less than 10 kilos. That’s why you don’t need anyone to help you transport this bed. To fold it, you don’t have to use any additional equipment.

Even though the cot is light in weight, it will be able to keep about 130 kilos, and the ultimate height ,the person who use this cot for sleeping should have, is about 195 cm.

There aren’t any useless elements in the design of this camping bed. It can be purchased in one of two colors including gray and black. 

Coleman provides all of the customers bought this prototype with a guarantee for one year.

Most of the people who have purchased the cot manufactured by Coleman are absolutely satisfied with the product. Nevertheless, some clients complain that it arrived having a smell like cigarette smoke.


  • A foam mattress;
  • Quickly folded;
  • Light in weight;
  • Can be used by tall people;
  • A stable frame;
  • A suspension system;
  • Can support up to 130 kilos;
  • Designed in two colors a(gray and black);
  • Guarantee for 1 year.


  • Can smell like cigarette smoke.

3. Byer of Main Sleeping Cot – Best with a Travel Bag

Best camping cots in 2020

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This is one of the best tent cots for camping that is produced by Byer of Main. This organization has been developing sleeping cots since 1880. And now this company offers goods for traveling ,that goods for traveling that don’t only have a unique design but are also made of good quality materials, and sells these items all around the world.

To make the camping cot strong enough, the producer uses a frame made of steel, legs of the bed are also metallic, and they get even firmer because they are welded. There’s a reinforced central part that is needed to make the item more stable. For the bed itself, the manufacturer uses polyester. Although this is a soft contexture, it doesn’t get wet easily. That’s why the quality doesn’t get worse after years of camping with this wonderful cot.

Since there is endurable contexture used for the item, it will be able to keep almost 150 kilos, and the maximum weight of the individual who can use it as a bed is about 185 cm. Additionally, tall people should be aware of the fact that there aren’t end rails. Sleeping in this cot will be amazing because the width is more than 80 cm.

The cot can be put on the uneven surface because there are feet covered with nylon.

Even though this bed is developed from substantial materials, it’s lightweight, and it’s only about 9 kilos. That’s why folding the items and opening it up gets simpler. It’s possible to take this good wherever you want because there’s a bag that has straps. It’s made of form cloth. That’s why it won’t get worn out quickly.

The item is designed in a blue color.

With this camping cot, the buyer also receives a guarantee. So, in case he has found any defects, he will be able to contact the seller. Furthermore, if he isn’t satisfied with the product, it’s possible to return it after the month of purchasing.

The main disadvantage found by reviewers is the fact that sometimes it can be difficult to fold the bed. Furthermore, some people feel like the item has a toxic smell.


  • Has steel base;
  • Welded legs made of metal;
  • Central part is reinforced;
  • Polyester bed;
  • Can hold up to 150 kilos;
  • Great for people who are 185 and lower;
  • Width is about 80;
  • Easy to open up;
  • A guarantee.


  • Can be hard to fold;
  • Can have a toxic smell.

4. Colman Cot with a Table – Best with Additional Equipment 

Best cots for camping in 2020

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The most essential advantage that makes this cot for traveling different is the fact that it has additional features. There’s a convenient table near the left side. To make camping more comfortable, this table has a holder for bottles. So, one can use the bed not only for sleeping but also for simple relaxation. 

This item is designed for tall people because its length is almost 200 cm. It’s capacious because the width of the bed is more than 80 cm. It can hold more than 135 kilos. These characteristics are possible because the producer uses steel to manufacture the frame. And to make the bed firmer, it utilizes endurable fabric. This contexture ia mild but also tough. That’s why it won’t get deteriorated quickly, and the item can be exploited for several years.

Folding of the bed is quick because it weighs only 9 kilos, and one doesn’t have to be strong to move the cot or put it into his truck to go to the journey. To make taking the item everywhere even less complicated, Colman has added a roomy case having handles.

The item is designed in green color.

Purchasing the cot, the buyer receives a limited guarantee for one year. 

There are almost no complaints about the quality of the cot. The only disadvantage found by customers is that there can be small holes in the fabric, but they don’t affect the comfort.


  • Good for tall people;
  • A stable table with a cup keeper;
  • It’s not heavy;
  • Isn’t difficult to open up;
  • Can support more than 130 kilos;
  • A guarantee for a year;
  • A convenient case.


  • Can arrive with small holes.

5. Colman Queen Cot – Best with Mild Mattress 

Best cots for camping

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This is a convenient bed for camping with a soft mattress that is supported with a special cover. That’s why it will be in one place, and a person who is using it won’t be able to fall. The contexture utilized for this mattress is leak-proof, and it will stay endurable the entire night.

This bed is developed for people who weigh more than 270 kilos and have a height about 185 cm. To make this item so strong, the manufacturer uses aluminum for the construction.

To make the experience with this air bed even more enjoyable, there are two tables on both sides that have keepers for bottles. There is a built-in pump. It’s needed to inflate the mattress quickly. Only batteries are needed.

Opening up is fast, and the bed can be taken if there isn’t much space in the trunk or a backpack. To carry it with himself, a traveler can use a roomy bag. 

People purchasing the cot will receive a guarantee for one year.

There aren’t many disadvantages in this cot. As some reviewers mention, mattresses can get noisy after several times of exploiting, and the client support doesn’t work properly.


  • Soft mattress;
  • Can hold up to 270 kilos;
  • Can be used by tall people;
  • Two tables with keepers for bottles;
  • A built-in pump for inflation;
  • A case for taking the item;
  • A guarantee for one year.


  • Mattresses can get noisy;
  • Client support cannot help sometimes.

Buyer’s Guide 

What are the main criteria to pay attention to while choosing the best bed for traveling?

To make the experience with a camping bed better, it’s essential to draw attention to these features of the items:

  • The materials for the construction (it’s better to purchase items with a steel base);
  • Fabric used for the bed (most companies produce beds from polyester. This material doesn’t get spoiled quickly, and it gets dry faster than others);
  • Additional equipment;
  • Case for carrying;
  • Weight.

What additional equipment can cots have?

The best rated camping cots are mostly designed without any additional equipment. However, some of the items have tables that have bottle keepers. So, it allows to use these prototypes not only for sleeping but for relaxation during the day.

Do I need to get a cot?

A bed for traveling is a must in case you are going to spend several days outside. If you use only a sleeping-bag, your back and legs will hurt, and you will feel tired even for several hours. A well-made cot is a magnificent opportunity that allows you to avoid these issues.

Final Decision 

When our team was composing these best camping cots review, we read dozens of articles to find out the most beneficial models.

As we consider, a bed produced by TETON Sports is our main choice. It’s stable on an uneven surface because it’s made with 5 legs.

The second place is for cot by Coleman. It doesn’t only have a base but also a convenient mattress that makes sleeping better.

And we recommend Byer of Main cot that has welded legs and goes with a capacious case for taking it outside.


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