Top 5 air mattresses for camping

Top 5 air mattresses for camping

Do you feel exhausted or simply want to spend time with your family members and friends? Then you ought to relax and go outdoors with your relatives. Such an activity is not only a marvelous solution for people who want to forget about their routines problems. It’s also a great way to release your muscles and improve your sleep cycles. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to achieve such goals in case you don’t use good quality equipment for camping. Even if you are going to spend only several hours in the fresh air, you ought to purchase tools including chairs and a table for a picnic. However, it’s also significant not to forget about a mattress. You should carry this item if you are going to go on a long-term journey. However, how to choose the best air mattress for camping? Read this review to find out the answer.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Air Mattresses

  1. Intex Air Mattress – Best Option with Immediate Inflation
  2. SoundAsleep Air Mattress – Best Queen Size Item
  3. King Koil Air Mattress – Best Item with a Great Height
  4. Intex Air Mattress – Best Low Height Item
  5. FBsports Air Mattress – Best Item with Additional Pillows

Our reviews of the top rated air matress along with our buyers guide will help you choose the right air matress for you.

The most convenient air mattresses for camping 

If you have never gone to a journey in the fresh air, it’s complicated for you to find the best rated air mattress for camping among dozens of options. To choose the most comfortable item, you ought to pay attention not only to its Price but also to the quality of the materials used for the production. Furthermore, it’s impossible to purchase such items if you aren’t aware of its main characteristics. To help you avoid pain in your muscles during sleeping, our team of professionals has researched hundreds of reviews posted by experienced campers. Moreover, we have found out what therapists think about each item. So, we guarantee that we have collected the best air mattress for camping 2020 on this list.

1. Intex Air Mattress – Best Option with Immediate Inflation 

best air mattress for camping 2020

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This air mattress is produced by Intex, a well-known corporation developing great quality items for comfortable relaxation. Airbeds are the most best-selling items of this manufacturer.

This air mattress is big in size. The length of this convenient item is about 190 cm, it’s width is almost 1 meter, and the height is 41 cm. Such an amazing capacity of this airbed allows supporting up to 136 kilos. So, this product is a marvelous solution if you are camping alone or traveling with children. However, it’s recommended not to use this product for kids who are younger than 3 years old because of the presence of small elements.

The strength of this air mattress is guaranteed by good quality materials used for manufacturing. The main contexture is polyester. This material is soft, but still durable. So, while you are sleeping, your back is comfortable. What’s more, polyester is a fabric that doesn’t wear out quickly. Moreover, the producer of this item uses a patented technology that allows supporting the body even if you have been napping for many hours.

To make this bed for camping even more beneficial, the manufacturer has included a built-in pillow. So, you don’t have to take an additional one thereby save some space in your backpack or trunk of your auto.

Although this product is so spacious, it’s not as heavy as its alternatives. The weight of the air mattress produced by Intex is only 4.7 kilos. So, you can carry it even if you are going on a long trip. To take this item with yourself, you can use a roomy case with handles. This bag is great for transportation as well as for storage.

One more reason to choose this air mattress is the fact that it has a convenient inflation system. To do this, you are required to use a built-in electric pump. By using this you will need only a couple of minutes to inflate the mattress. However, if you don’t have access to electricity, it’s possible to use a manual pump.

This airbed looks modern because it’s designed in black color with a logo on one of the sides.

With this product, Intex provides all customers a limited guarantee for 90 days after purchase. Having this document, they can return the item in case its quality doesn’t satisfy them.

Most of the reviews are positive. However, people who aren’t satisfied with this air mattress say that its edges aren’t as durable as the central part. So, if you move to the edge, there’s a high chance you will roll off while sleeping.


  • Capacity;
  • Easy to inflate using a built-in electric pump or a manual one;
  • It’s lightweight;
  • Simple to transport and storage with a special bag;
  • A patented technology supporting the body;
  • A limited guarantee for 90 days;
  • A built-in pillow.


  • Soft edges of the mattress.

2. SoundAsleep Air Mattress – Best Queen Size Item 

best air mattress for camping

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This air mattress is designed by SoundAsleep. Its main specialty is a coil technology. With this additional feature, your body feels better during the night. A queen size mattress has 40 individual sizes air coils. It’s become possible due to the fact that the manufacturer uses good quality materials. The main contexture is polyester. This fabric is lasting. What’s more, the durability of the item is increased thanks to the multilayered puncture resistance.

One more reason to purchase this airbed is that its top is waterproof. So, you don’t feel wet while sleeping even after walk under the rain. Furthermore, this mattress doesn’t slide because of its sure-grid bottom.

All these features of the item make it more stable. It can hold 226 kilos. So, it’s possible to take this airbed with your partner. This prototype is capacious. The length of the air mattress is almost 2 meters, its width is 1.5 meters, and the height of the item is 50 cm. 

Even though this product is spacious, it’s lightweight. The weight of the mattress for camping is only 8.5 kilos. Since it goes with a bag made of nylon, it’s not difficult to travel with this bed. To inflate this air mattress, you can use a built-in pump located on the side. With it, it takes less than 4 minutes to distend it to the maximum size.

After purchasing this air mattress, you will receive a guarantee for one year. During this period, you can contact the customer service in case you have problems with the product. Moreover, if the bed has any damage, it’s possible to return it and get a refund.

However, this air mattress has some cons. The main of them is that when you are sleeping with someone else and this person gets on the side, this bed starts being a bit bouncy. Moreover, it begins to deflate 6 hours after the distension.


  • Fast inflation with a built-in electric plug;
  • Big size of the mattress;
  • Doesn’t weigh too much;
  • Simple to transfer with a special nylon bag;
  • Waterproof materials;
  • Can keep up to 226 kilos;
  • A guarantee for 1 year is provided.


  • It starts deflating after 6 hours;
  • It’s bouncy on the side when it’s used by 2 people.

3. King Koil Air Mattress – Best Item with a Great Height 

best rated air mattress for camping

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King Koil is an international corporation popular for its marvelous quality air mattresses. With these products, people who go camping feel like they are sleeping at home. This item is one of its bestsellers.

This air mattress has a unique construction. It’s being manufactured with coil technology. By using it, the producer makes this airbed more stable. So, it can keep up the body. Furthermore, with this feature, the item doesn’t lose its shape. Your spine doesn’t start being hurting because of extra support. 

To avoid wearing out, the best air mattress for tent camping has several layers. They include a flocked top. So, this product is protected from water. The second layer is a durable PVC. It helps to prevent punching. 

Since this air mattress consists of two layers, it can support up to 160 kilos. To make it useful for 2 people, the manufacturer has increased the dimensions of the product. The height of the item is more than competitors have. It’s about 51 cm. The width of the bed is 96 cm, and its length is 193 cm.

Despite such enormous sizes of this prototype, it’s not a heavy option. The weight of the folded bed is only 7.6 kilos. It’s easy to transport this mattress because the set includes an oversized bag. It also can be exploited for storage.

This air mattress is easy to inflate even if you have never had such experience before. In this case, you can utilize a built-in pump. This tool distends the prototype in 90 seconds.

It’s possible to purchase this good in two colors. It’s manufactured in beige and black. After ordering the product, you will receive a one-year guarantee. 

The main shortage of the air mattress produced by King Koil is that it’s not the best choice for tall people. It’s not comfortable to use it if you’re higher than 183 cm.


  • Two layers for better support;
  • Good quality contexture;
  • It’s not hard to inflate the airbed;
  • The product is designed in 2 colors (beige and black);
  • A case for transportation;
  • It’s not heavy;
  • A roomy mattress;
  • A one-year guarantee.


  • It’s not comfortable to sleep for people taller than 183 cm.

4. Intex Air Mattress – Best Low Height Item 

the best air mattress for camping

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This goods is also manufactured by Intex. Its main difference is that it’s not as high as other air mattresses for camping. The height of this bed is only 22.2 cm. Nevertheless, its width is 137 cm, and the length is 191 cm. 

Although this air mattress is not as capacious as other options, it’s one of the most durable ones. It can accommodate up to 272 kilos. Such great support is achieved due to the materials chosen for manufacturing. The top of the bed is water-resistant. With this material, it’s impossible for the goods to slide. So, you feel absolutely comfortable during the night in the fresh air. Even though this cloth is enduring, it’s still soft.

To inflate the air mattress, you can use a manual pump. However, it doesn’t take much time because the bed isn’t high. If you need to take this product with yourself, you can fold it in some minutes and put it in a carry case. The transportation is easy because the item weighs 3.5 kilos.

The top of the mattress is manufactured in dark blue.

The main disadvantage of the air bed produced by Intex is the lack of guarantee. So, if the item has appeared damaged, it’s impossible to exchange it or get a refund.


  • It’s not high;
  • A bag to transport;
  • It’s not heavy;
  • Soft but durable materials;
  • The bed doesn’t slide.


  • The lack of guarantee.

5. FBsports Air Mattress – Best Item with Additional Pillows 

best air mattress for car camping

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The producer of this air mattress is FBsport specializing in manufacturing goods for active life and camping.

This item is the best air mattress for car camping. It’s smaller than the others. The length of the good is 143 cm. Its height is 45 cm, and the width is 87 cm. It’s amazing to use it for sleeping in the car because it includes cushions.

To inflate, it’s possible to use all types of portable pumps. This airbed has a multifunctional mouth for distension. Furthermore, it includes a pump in the package.

You can take this item in any trip because it’s not heavy. The weight of this air mattress is only 2.1 kilos. When it’s folded, it can be put in any backpack. What’s more, it’s possible to utilize a storage case included in the set.

Some people notice that the quality of the product isn’t as great as in the picture. So, it can wear out faster.


  • Great for the car;
  • Easy to inflate;
  • Isn’t heavy;
  • A capacious bag for storage.


  • The quality of materials isn’t the best.

Buyer’s Guide 

How to find the most comfortable air mattress?

To choose the best air mattress for car camping, you need to pay attention to these characteristics:

  • Fabric (in most cases, airbeds are produced from polyester);
  • Weight and capacity;
  • How comfortable the mattress is;
  • The presence of an electric pump.

Furthermore, these items can include additional features such as a built-in pillow.

Final Decision 

To conclude, our team wants to mention that all products on this list are the best for camping. Nevertheless, the most useful air mattress is developed by Intex. It’s easy to inflate via an electric plug. Furthermore, it includes a guarantee.

The second place goes to SoundAsleep airbed. With the item, customers receive a nylon storage bag and a guarantee for a year. One more reason to choose this item is that it can support up to 226 kilos. 

An air mattress presented by King Koil is also one of the main picks. It’s higher than its competitors, and while sleeping you feel like home. It’s possible to order the product in several colors.

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