The best camping chairs in 2020

The best camping chairs in 2020

Even though lots of people prefer to spend their free time at home, camping is still one of the most popular activities for those individuals who are eager to get released after a hard week of endless working hours. The main reason for this is the fact that during such time a person can be with his beloved family members and friends. Furthermore, camping is a great opportunity for those human beings who are suffering from a lack of fresh air because they can spend hours outdoors. However, such a marvelous activity can be merely spoiled if one doesn’t feel comfortable during camping. In this case, it’s significant to be careful while choosing a chair. Otherwise, a person will feel pain in his back and knees after a couple of hours of sitting. Moreover, a bad-quality seat will be broken soon. To avoid such an unpleasant situation, it’s important to look at the fabric and frame which are used for the manufacturing.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Camping chairs

  1. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Chair – Best Rocking Chair
  2. Kijaro Portable Chair – Best Designed Items
  3. Sunyear Portable Chair – Best Compact Seat
  4. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair – Best for Heavyweight
  5. Tommy Bahama Chair – Best Seat with a Headrest
  6. Coleman Chair – Best for a Valuable Price
  7. Oniva Reclining Chair – Best Unusual Option
  8. Browning Camping Chair – Best for Hunting
  9. KingCamp Chair – Best Multifunctional Item
  10. Quik Shade Chair – Best for a Sunny Day

Our reviews of the top rated camp chair along with our buyers guide will help you choose the right camping chair for you.

Top 10 camping chairs 

Since there are thousands of chairs developed specifically for camping it’s can be quite complicated for an unprepared person to find out that item which will fully satisfy his needs. Our team understands that. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best camping chairs of 2020. During the composition we have read dozens of reviews published by real users and learned a lot of articles written by professionals and doctors who paid attention to the convenience of seats as well as their design. So, our team believes that these models are the most amazing for camping.

1. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Chair – Best Rocking Chair 

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This camping seat has been manufactured by GCI Outdoor corporation. This is one of the most enormous brand specialized in producing goods for different outdoor activities.

The main feature of this prototype is that it’s easy to take everywhere at the expense of the size of this seat. The height is 50 cm, and the weight is only 5.5 kilos. So, it can be just put into the trunk of a car even if there isn’t much space.

Although this is a portable seat, it’s lasting because it can handle 113 kilos. Such toughness has become possible thanks to the cloth used for the seat. This contexture is soft, and it won’t get damaged after several washings in the machine. The base is rugged either in virtue of exploiting a steel covered with a powder for such a purpose. 

One more advantage of the chair is a unique Spring-Action technique used for the standing. Due to such feet the seat won’t fall if it’s put on a lawn or an uneven surface. Folding takes only several seconds because of a patented technology called Eazy-Fold.

To make a rest outside even more comfortable, a manufacturer has equipped the chair with a holder for bottles. A person won’t feel any discomfort if he needs to get up after hours of sitting because the armrests are covered with a mild cloth.

The prototype is produced in two different colors. These are indigo blue and cinnamon.

While purchasing the seat a customer receives a limited guarantee. This document permits to get a refund or a replacement if there are any damages.

Nevertheless, in some reviews users pay attention to the fact that this item has a straight backrest. That’s why it won’t be the best solution for individuals having problems with their spines.


  • Light in weight;
  • Great for an uneven surface;
  • Can handle up to 113 kilos;
  • Easy folding;
  • A steel base;
  • Soft cloth for a backrest and a seat;
  • Two colors (indigo blue and cinnamon);
  • A limited guarantee;
  • A keeper for mugs.


  • A straight backrest.

2. Kijaro Portable Chair – Best Designed Items

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This camping seat is generated by Kijaro. This is a world-spread company which is known for goods developed specifically for journeys.

The most important feature of this item is the fabric used for the seat and backrest. This’s a diamond polyester. Although this material is quite soft, it’s also durable. So, it won’t abrade after dozens of usages. Furthermore, a person won’t get sweaty even during a hot day because the back is created of mesh. That’s why the body can breathe. 

This portable seat can be used by tall and low human beings. Sitting on the chair one can touch the ground with his feet and not to bend his knees too much.

To make the seat more convenient, the producer used a steel for the frame. That’s why the chair will be able to hold 136 kilos. 

Furthermore, this is one of the lightest options because its mass is about 4 kilos. So, it’s not difficult to move it without any help and to close and open. There’s is a special button for such a purpose. To carry the item one can use a special bag with straps. This case can be utilized as a backpack. 

To make a rest more comfortable the manufacturer has added two holders for cups. Furthermore, there is a pocket for some essentials under a right armrest. To protect personal items one will be able to lock this organizer using a zipper.

One more reason why the seat is so popular among users is the number of designs. It’s developed in eleven colors including cayman blue iguana, hallet peak grey, hanami pink, ionian turquoise, izamal yellow and others.

However, some individuals notice that a chair is too heavy for them, and it’s difficult to move it without any help.


  • Two keepers for beverages;
  • Manufactured in eleven colors;
  • A steel base;
  • A breathable material for a backrest;
  • A seat is made of polyester;
  • A pocket with a zipper;
  • A case with straps for taking everywhere;
  • A manageable folding with a button.


  • Can be hard to move alone.

3. Sunyear Portable Chair – Best Compact Seat

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This chair for camping is provided to customers by Sunyear. This organization professionalizes in creating products specifically for picnics, hiking and other outdoor activities. 

The most important advantage of this chair is a portable option. The weight of the item is less than 1 kilo, and the height is 13 cm. To make the seat more convenient to carry the manufacturer provides clients with a case with a strap which can be into a backpack. Although the good is almost imponderable, it will be able to support up to 113 kilos.

Such a small size has been achieved because of the materials. The seat is developed from a nylon. Such a cloth is flexible, and it gets dry fast even if a chair was under a rainfall. To make the item more stable, Sunyear produces a frame from an aluminum. Such a metal is absolutely protected from the corrosion and other fractures. Furthermore, this is one of the stablest options because feet are padded with anti-slip materials. 

There’s also a pocket that can be used for holding a mug and a smartphone.

The uniqueness of this chair is in the comfortable sitting position. Such a construction allows to conveniently stand up and sit down. 

The chair is tight, so a person has to bear down in order to fold this item. As the manufacturer says, it won’t break after a pressure. 

While choosing the particular seat a customer can purchase one of the five designs such as blue, crimson red, green mixed with gray, new blue, orange and royal.

The organization provides clients with a one-year guarantee. During this period everybody is allowed to contact 24-hour customer service.

The main disadvantage found by those who weren’t satisfied with this camping seat is the lack of armrests. Additionally, some users pay attention to the fact that it’s too low to the ground. That’s why it’s better to use it for individuals who are 5’5 or less.


  • A compact option;
  • Spacious;
  • Lightweight;
  • Nylon backrest and seat;
  • Aluminum base;
  • A pocket for essentials;
  • Stable on uneven surface;
  • Feet are covered with anti-slip materials;
  • 5 colors (blue, crimson red, green mixed with gray, new blue, orange and royal);
  • One-year guarantee.


  • No armrests;
  • Too low to the ground.

4. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair – Best for Heavyweight 

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This is one of the best camping chairs 2020 created by ALPS Mountaineering company. This is a corporation known all around the globe as a developer of items specifically for adventures.

The most essential feature of this item is that its base is made of a fail-operational steel. Being covered with a powder this metal is absolutely protected from all kinds of impairment even when it’s fallen. To make sitting cozier, the producer has chosen a polyester as the main contexture for a seat and a backrest. Such a cloth in combination with an endurable frame lets this chair handle more than 360 kilos. The width is 61 cm. So, one will be able to put a cushion under his back to avoid any pain in his spine after the whole day of sitting in the chair. However, such an enormous capacity doesn’t make this item too heavy, it weighs only 5.8 kilos.

This prototype has become one of the main bestsellers by ALPS Mountaineering because this is a multifunctional option. This is not just a chair, it’s an organizer. There’s a pocket near both armrests for holding some goods. A bigger storage is located in the back. Furthermore, the seat can be used as a keeper for drinks thanks to slots on both armrests. 

This seat isn’t complicated to fold and carry by virtue of a roomy strapped bag that can be used as a backpack.

This camping seat is released in four different designs and available in colors such as charcoal combined with citrus, deep sea, khaki and salsa. 

Nevertheless, as some tall people notice in their comments about the product, individuals who are more than 6 ft will feel pain in their knees because they will have to bend them.


  • A marvelous capacity;
  • Wide option;
  • An average weight;
  • Two keepers for drinks;
  • Pockets for essentials;
  • A seat and a backrest are produced from polyester;
  • A steel frame;
  • A strapped case;
  • 4 colors (charcoal combined with citrus, deep sea, khaki and salsa).


  • Not the best seat for humans more than 6 ft.

5. Tommy Bahama Chair – Best Seat with a Headrest 

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This chair that can be exploited for all types of outdoor activities is created by Tommy Bahama. This is a company famous for its good-quality equipment and accessories for a beach.

This item is light because its weight is about 3.6 kilos. However, it still can keep up to 136 kilos thanks to the materials used for the production. A seat is made of polyester. This material is sturdy, and it’s hard to be torn. The frame is made from aluminum, and it’s rust-resisting. That’s why the chair will be a magnificent option in a wet climate.

To feel comfortable while relaxing, a human is permitted to choose one of the 5 reclining postures. Furthermore, he won’t feel any discomfort in his neck and head due to a headrest.

There is a huge pocket on the back for keeping some bottles or a towel. To hold a telephone and a mug, an individual can utilize a storage and a special holder that are situated under a right armrest.

Since this is one of the lightest options on the list of the best reclining chairs 2020, it can be folded in less than a minute. To move the seat there are two straps mounted on the item.

Although this product is provided only in one design, It still looks original because it’s striped in bright colors.

But some of those who have already ordered this chair complain that it’s too small for their height.


  • 5 positions;
  • Simple folding;
  • A headrest;
  • A great capacity;
  • An aluminum base;
  • Pockets for goods;
  • Straps for carrying.


  • Not for tall individuals.

6. Coleman Chair – Best for a Valuable Price 

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This camping chair is produced by Coleman. This is is an enormous corporation which is aimed to provide the most qualitative goods for journeys.

This chair is an amazing option for those individuals who want to have more space. The seat is roomy enough because the width is 60 cm. That’s why it’s possible to put a rug in order to feel more convenient if it is cold or windy outside. Additionally, this model is higher than most of these items because it’s almost 50 cm high. That’s why it’s better to buy this seat for a person who is at least 5’5. Otherwise, he would have to use something to put his feet on. 

This chair is not just a spacious prototype, it’s also quite lasting. It can support up to 272 kilos. Such endurance of this product is supplied with the contexture used for the seat. In this case, Coleman developers utilized synthetic. Such a cloth is tight and won’t get damaged after any impact. To clean it one can use a hand washing. 

The frame of this seat is robust owing to steel. This metal won’t let the chair get broken if it is hit or falls. The chair is stable because of the legs which are equipped with special racks.

While being outdoors a human being feels absolutely comfortable by virtue of the fact that everything he needs is near at hand. The producer has achieved that by adding a meshy pocket under a right armrest. The telephone is fully protected even if a person is sitting near the water because there is a special waterproof case. Furthermore, there is a keeper specifically for bottles located on a left armrest.

Folding of this seat takes less than a minute. There is a roomy case for carrying it.

This model can be purchased in 2 separate colors such as blue and topo print.

After buying the chair a customer receives a one-year guarantee. During this limited period he is permitted to get a refund or a new item if he notices any breakdowns.

Nonetheless, there are still some individuals who are dissatisfied with their purchase. These users aren’t fond of crossbars because these people feel that they make the seat narrower. 


  • Wide item;
  • A seat from synthetic;
  • A steel base;
  • A pocket near a right armrest;
  • A waterproof case for a phone;
  • A holder for bottles;
  • A bag for taking the seat over;
  • 2 colors (blue and topo print);
  • A one-year guarantee.


  • Crossbars.

7. Oniva Reclining Chair – Best Unusual Option 

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This chair specifically for outdoor activities has been provided by ONIVA. This brand has been creating good-quality items for picnics and campings since 1982. 

The main uniqueness of this seat is in its original construction. There aren’t any feet. That’s why this chair should be put directly on the ground. Such a design allows to take the chair even if there’s no much free space in the trunk or one doesn’t want to take anything heavy with him because it weighs only 3 kilos. Although the item is light in weight, it’s capacious at the expense of the width that is about 50 cm. 

This seat permits to choose one of the six convenient positions. However, it’s not merely reclining but also soft due to great-quality cloth chosen for the backrest. This fabric is waterproof. That’s why this chair can be utilized for a beach.

Standing up and getting down isn’t hard on account of comfortable armrests. To keep some goods, one can exploit a huge pocket with a zipper. 

Although the construction isn’t standard, this chair can still be folded and taken as a backpack because there are exterior straps. 

The corporation guarantees a full money-refund in case the chair is conked out. 

This seat is generated in eleven styles. The main of them are black, orange, burgundy, heathered grey, hunter green and lime.

But, as some individuals complain, there is a disadvantage in this chair, and this is a fact that one’s spine gets wet if this item is exploited during a hot day. 


  • Unique construction;
  • Small weight;
  • Capacious;
  • Six positions;
  • Fast folding;
  • A pocket with a zipper;
  • Straps for taking the chair;
  • A mild backrest;
  • Waterproof cloth;
  • An unlimited guarantee;
  • 11 colors.


  • Body doesn’t breathe during a hot day.

8. Browning Camping Chair – Best for Hunting 

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This is a marvelous option for those who go hunting a lot. It’s released by Browning Camping that produces great goods for adventures. 

Although the weight of the seat is only 3.8 kilos, it’s ample and the width of this item is 63.5 cm. Furthermore, it will be able to keep about 136 kilos. Such a great rigidity has become possible thanks to the contexture chosen by the manufacturer for the backrest and the seat. This fabric doesn’t scuff and gets dry after a rainfall. Furthermore, a sitter feels comfortable because of a meshy back which allows his skin not to get sweat. 

The base of this chair is fail-safe either because it’s developed from a steel. This metal is covered with a powder that is needed to protect the frame from corrosion.

The chair doesn’t lose its stability even on an uneven surface through rotating feet. Sitting in and getting up doesn’t bring any pain even for those humans who have problems with their knees thanks to armrests that are covered with a yielding fabric. So, muscles are entirely released after the whole day of sitting. 

Closing and opening the seat takes less than a minute. Carrying is accessible with a case with stripes. It’s possible to take this chair over without any bag because there’re built-in straps.

This option is really great for individuals who go hunting because it allows them to merge in the nature because of its unique style. This chair can be purchased in one of two different colors such as realtree edge and mossy oak break-up country.

The most significant disadvantage of the seat, as some reviewers consider, is that this item is too low to the ground. That’s why one has to bend his knees a lot. That’s why it’s better not to choose this good for people having problems with their legs.


  • A spacious option;
  • Light in weight;
  • A meshy backrest;
  • A base made from steel;
  • A bag for taking it everywhere;
  • Built-in straps;
  • 2 colors realtree edge and mossy oak break-up country;
  • Roasting feet;
  • Fast closing.


  • Too low to the ground.

9. KingCamp Chair – Best Multifunctional Item

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This is a camping chair that is produced by KingCamp, a world-spread corporation dedicated to creating furniture especially for camping. 

The main feature of this item is that it’s multifunctional. It means that it can be exploited not simply as a chair but also as a place for having dinner. For such a purpose developers have added a table near a right armrest that includes a keeper for mugs. Moreover, there is a built-in cooling case for holding some drinks and snacks. This bag can hold up to 12 liters. 

Additionally, this model is absolutely protected from any damages owing to the materials preferred for the frame and the seat. The base is made from steel, and the seat as well as the backrest are manufactured from a hardwearing cloth. Body can entirely relax because there are armrests which are coated with a mild contexture. It makes standing up less complicated for those who have problems with their physical health.

Although the seat is stable, it’s not heavyweight. Its mass is about 6.7 kilos, and it’ll be able to handle almost 150 kilos. 

Even though there are lots of features in this chair, it can still be folded fast. In this case it’s not needed to strip a table and a fridge. 

A customer receives a lifetime guarantee after ordering this product.

But the main shortage of the seat is that there is no case for taking it over. So, one ought to be careful while putting it into the trunk to avoid any damages.

Therewith, this is not a surpassing prototype if a human being is 5’5 or lower due to the fact that his feet won’t be able to reach the ground.


  • A built-in table;
  • A capacious cooling case (12 liters);
  • Armrests are covered with a soft cloth;
  • A steel base;
  • Can support up to 150 kilos;
  • A speedy folding;
  • A lifetime guarantee.


  • No case for transportation;
  • For individuals who are higher than 5’5.

10. Quik Shade Chair – Best for a Sunny Day

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This is a chair provided to customers by Quik Shad, a brand that specializes in creating items for outdoors.

This seat isn’t heavy in weight because its mass is 4.5 kilos. Although it’s quite light, it’s roomy due to the width that is about 57 cm. Such a great ratio has been achieved owing to the stuff. The frame is created from steel and a backrest along with a seat are from polyester. Such a cloth doesn’t get wet, and it’s almost impossible to leave any spots on this contexture. Furthermore, this feedstock permits to hold more than a hundred kilos.

Additionally, this seat is equipped with lots of helpful features, and providing holders for cups situated on both of the armrests is one of them. To make sitting more convenient, the manufacturer has added an umbrella that is aimed to protect somebody from excessive sunlight. Such a pun umbrella will become a marvelous shield during a rainfall because it’s made from a waterproof cloth. This model is also great because there is a large pocket under a right armrest.

Although there’re so many functions, the seat folds in less than a minute and can be put into a bag with a strap.

The chair is demonstrated only in blue color. There is a brand name on the bag.

However, for some who have already utilized the seat, the keepers for cups are a bit weak because this meshy contexture can be torn if a heavy bottle is put there. 

As for other reviewers, it’s difficult to close and open the construction without any help.


  • Lightweight;
  • A seat and a backrest are from polyester;
  • A steel frame;
  • Two holders for beverages;
  • An umbrella from sunlight;
  • A pocket;
  • A case with a strap.


  • A holder isn’t for large bottles;
  • Hard to close the construction.

Buyer’s Guide

How to choose the most suitable chair?

To find out a chair for camping that will absolutely satisfy a customer ought to draw attention to:

  • The cloth for the seat and backrest;
  • The weight of the item;
  • The way it folds;
  • A case for carrying;
  • Sizes of the item;
  • If there is a guarantee.

Additionally, it’s essential to be aware of the marginal weight limits of the particular option. Otherwise, even one of the best camping chair of 2020 will be broken because it was designed for less mass.

Furthermore, if a person wants to spend much time sitting in the chair, he should look for those products which have different additional features because they will make such time more pleasurable.

Which additional features do chairs have?

Most of the seats produced for outdoor activities are manufactured with holders for beverages. There’re also some options which include a table made of metal or plastic. Furthermore, there’s a limited number of chairs that have built-in fridges. A human being can keep some snacks of bottles in such a cooling case. So, with these additional options a seat becomes a magnificent place for having dinner. Otherwise, a freezer can be capacious, it shouldn’t be removed to fold the item.

Almost each option shown in the market has a pocket for essential goods. Some organizers are equipped with a zipper. There are some other models with a case for a mobile phone which are created from a waterproof contexture.

How to find a seat if I’m tall?

If someone is looking for a seat for a tall individual, he should draw attention to the height of the chair. Otherwise, it can be too low to the ground, and the sitter will have to bend his knees. That’s why he won’t be able to absolutely get rested, and such a posture can be harmful for his body.

How to fold the chair?

To fold most items, a person needs to bear down to close the construction. Although there are some options which allow to pack it with a specific button which is located on the foot of the chair.

Final verdict 

While making a list of the best camping chairs for big guys 2020, our team has read lots of publications to choose those seats that will be amazing for all lovers of outdoor activities. As a result, the leader is GCI Outdoor Freestyle chair. The manufacturer has invented a unique technique which doesn’t let the seat fall if it stands on a rough area. Moreover, it’s quick to close it due to Eazy-Fold technology. A customer receives a limited lifetime guarantee with the purchase.

The second place is for Kijaro portable chair. Its main feature is an easy closing with a special button. The backrest is developed from a mashed cloth. That’s why body breaths during a hot day. To keep beverages a person can reclaim one of two bottle holders located in the armrests. On the right there’s a pocket for essential goods. Moreover, Kijaro provides its chairs in eleven colors.

A chair provided by Sunyear is also our top pick. Although it’s small, it handles 113 kilos and doesn’t slip. To carry it a human can use a case with stripes. Even though there are no armrests, it’s still comfortable to stand up and sit down. The chair is generated in 6 colors. There’s a one-year guarantee with this seat.

Best camping chairs in 2020
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