Best coolers for camping – top 5

Best coolers for camping – top 5

Don’t you know what’s the best way to spend time with your friends or family members? So, it means that you have never gone camping with them. Being in the fresh air you don’t only improve communication with your relatives but also forget about some routine problems. To fully feel all these benefits, you need to spend several days camping. In this case, it’s essential to think of taking some food. Nevertheless, how to keep your meals fresh while being outdoors? The most useful equipment that will help you deal with this situation is to purchase a spacious cooler. However, a lot of companies produce such items. So, it’s complicated to select a good quality prototype if you haven’t had such experience before. Our review will help you find the best camping coolers.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Camping Coolers

  1. Arctic Zone Cooler for Camping – Best Item with a Zipperless Lid
  2. Carhartt Camping Cooler – Best Deluxe Option
  3. Coleman Camping Cooler – Best Plastic Alternative
  4. Coleman Camping Cooler – Best Choice with a Removable Liner
  5. CleverMade Camping Cooler – Best Item for Road Trips

Our reviews of the top rated camping cooler along with our buyers guide will help you choose the right cooler for you.

The most spacious coolers for camping 

Our team has been camping for years. So, we understand that it is a real struggle when you’re looking for some tools for outdoor activities. However, after years of experience, we know exactly which characteristics to pay attention to while choosing the best rated coolers for camping. To compose this list, we have done research. In this case, we have read dozens of reviews on coolers. What’s more, we have found out what engineers think about each product. Therefore, we have no doubt that all prototypes here are the best in the category.

1. Arctic Zone Cooler for Camping – Best Item with a Zipperless Lid

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The first-placed cooler is developed by Arctic Zone. This company is known internationally for producing items for picnics such as freezing backpacks and lunch bags.

The main difference of this prototype is its great dimensions. The height and the length of the cooler are 31 cm, and its width is 20 cm. So, this product is big enough to support up to 16 cans. Such an endurance of this product has been achieved because of the materials used for the exterior part. It’s made from lasting cloth. Furthermore, it’s leak-proof, and it’s protected from water. The bottom of the cooler has a cold block. To clean it, you don’t have to use any special tools. While being inside this cooler, your drinks and snacks stay fresh. 

To avoid spoiling the producer has used a unique technology for manufacturing. So, this prototype keeps the ice up to 3 days. It’s possible to separate food from the drinks using the SmartShelf. However, if you want to keep all snacks together, you can remove it and provide some extra space.

This cooler has a zipperless lid. So, if you need to get your meal out, you don’t have to fully open it. With this technology, it becomes even multifunctional. It has a special pocket made from meshy fabric that can be used to carry your smartphone or cutlery.

Although this cooler is big and will become a marvelous choice for a huge company, it’s not heavy. The weight of this bag is only 1.1 kilo. So, you can take this item whenever you want. To make the transportation easier, Arctic Zone has adjusted a strap. Being supplied with a pad, it cannot slide off your shoulder. However, it’s possible to unfix it.

This model is designed in several colors. It’s possible to purchase the best camping cooler in blue, moss and white. 

Even though most reviews are positive, some customers mention that drinks get warm faster. Ice starts melting after 6 hours.


  • A spacious design;
  • It’s produced from good quality materials;
  • The item is available in blue, moss and white;
  • A shoulder strap with a pad;
  • It’s lightweight;
  • Easy to get food;
  • A spacious cooler.


  • Ice starts melting in 6 hours.

2. Carhartt Camping Cooler – Best Deluxe Option

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The manufacturer of this cooler is Carhartt. This company has been producing all sorts of goods for outdoor activities since 1889.

Since the item is made by a well-known corporation, it has lots of pros. The main of them is the quality of materials used for its development. The main fabric is polyester. Although this contexture is soft, it’s durable. So, it doesn’t let water inside. Moreover, it doesn’t wear out quickly. So, this item doesn’t lose its characteristics for years.

Although the materials for manufacturing are lasting, this freezing bag isn’t heavy. Its weight is less than 0.5 kilos. It’s possible to take this cooler even if you’re traveling alone or have only a backpack. The dimensions aren’t big either. Its height is 18 cm, the width is 23 cm, and its length is 25.4 cm. So, this space is enough to keep a 6-pack.

To make carrying easier, this product has a handle on the top and a shoulder strap. On the front side, it’s supplied with a capacious pocket with a zipper. This item also includes a lunch bag. 

This cooler is available in 5 colors including brown, black and camo.

After purchasing this product, all clients receive a limited guarantee. In case the cooler doesn’t satisfy their needs, they are allowed to return it to get a refund.

However, some reviewers write that material used for the development isn’t as sturdy as they expected. 


  • A small but capacious freezer;
  • Easy to take;
  • An additional pocket for essentials;
  • It’s manufactured in 5 colors;
  • A limited guarantee.


  • Materials aren’t strong.

3. Coleman Camping Cooler – Best Plastic Alternative 

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The developer of this cooler for camping is Coleman. This American firm is popular for great quality products for traveling. 

The thing that makes this cooler different from the previous alternatives is the fact that it’s developed from plastic. Such material is simple to clean. Spots can be purged in several seconds. Moreover, plastic doesn’t let the cooler melt ice fast. Your meals stay cold up to 12 hours. So, with this item, your drinks and snacks don’t get spoiled quickly.

Although the materials are sturdy, this freezing bag is light in weight. It’s about 0.7 kilos. However, it’s still roomy. The length is 20 cm, it’s width is 18. Furthermore, the height is 26 cm. Such a spacious design allows putting up to 6 cans inside. 

To transport the item, you can use a bail handle. So, you don’t feel that it’s food inside while carrying the cooler. Moreover, it’s possible to use the top of this product as a table. Since it’s made from durable plastic, it won’t break under the pressure.

This prototype can be purchased in one of 2 colors. It’s designed in blue and red.

Almost all who have purchased this cooler are amazed by its freezing characteristics. Nonetheless, some of them say that the lid doesn’t stay closed well.


  • The cooler is made from plastic;
  • It has a useful handle for transportation;
  • This item is lightweight;
  • It keeps ice unmelted for 12 hours;
  • It’s possible to purchase it in blue or red.


  • The lid doesn’t stay closed.

4. Coleman Camping Cooler – Best Choice with a Removable Liner

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This camping cooler is also manufactured by Coleman. However, its interior is made from fabric. These good quality materials prevent leaks. So, you don’t have to worry that ice starts melting unexpectedly. What’s more, such a freezing bag doesn’t allow water to get inside. Your food stays fresh before you eat it.

Your snacks or drinks won’t spoil while being in this bag because it’s treated with antimicrobials. Such a liner protects your meals from any insects. What’s more, it makes this product easier to clean. Such technology is also needed to make the folding process simplified. So, this cooler without anything inside won’t take much space. It can be put in your trunk easily.

This portable fridge has a magnificent capacity. The length of this beg is 30.5 cm, it’s height is 20 cm, and the width is 28 cm. Despite such great dimensions, it’s not heavy. This prototype weighs only 0.45 kilos.

If you take this cooler to your journey, you don’t need to get lots of additional bags. This product has several spacious pockets with zippers. The biggest one is on the front, and two meshy ones are on both sides. What’s more, to carry it, you can use side handles. So, the cooler feels weightless even if it’s filled with food and drinks.

It’s possible to order one of the best camping coolers 2020 in four different colors. This product is manufactured in grey, red, blue and green.

However, some users notice that it’s better not to leave the cooler produced by Coleman under the sun for several hours. In this case, ice starts melting fast. As a result, all contents get spoiled quickly.


  • Good quality materials;
  • It’s protected from insects;
  • A capacious fridge for camping;
  • Several pockets for the essentials;
  • It’s designed in 4 colors;
  • Durable handles for carrying.


  • It’s not recommended to leave the cooler under the sun.

5. CleverMade Camping Cooler – Best Item for Road Trips

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The company producing this camping cooler is CleverMade. The main audience of this brand are people looking for good quality and functional items for outdoor activities and road trips.

This option is considered to be the most spacious item out of the best coolers for car camping. This prototype can handle up to 50 cans, and it’s also possible to add ice to freeze your favorite beverage. Such an enormous capacity is reached thanks to the dimensions of the portable fridge. Its height is 30 cm, the length of the cooler is 45.7 cm. What’s more, the width is 30.5 cm. 

One more thing making the endurance achievable is the materials chosen for the production. The main fabric is polyester. Nevertheless, the manufacturer also uses polyethylene and MDF. So, the cooler isn’t only lasting. It’s also leakproof because of 3 layers of insulation.

Although it’s so huge in sizes, this prototype doesn’t take much space when it’s folded. When it’s not used, its height is only 7.62 cm. So, it’s a great option if you don’t go camping regularly and just keep it in your storage most of the time.

However, it’s simple not only to store but also to transport the cooler. To carry it, you’re allowed to exploit a strong handle on the top. You can change its dimensions to make transportation easier. Moreover, on the handle, this item has a built-in bottle opener. If you need to take some additional tools, you can put them into the front pocket.

Customers can order this cooler for camping in one of 5 colors. It’s produced in black, charcoal, coral, denim and cream.

The cooler itself works amazingly. Nevertheless, some people who have already ordered it mention that the zipper breaks in several months. However, it’s easy to replace it.


  • It’s possible to put up to 50 cans;
  • The cooler is spacious;
  • Tough materials;
  • It’s easy to fold the item;
  • An additional pocket in the front of the product;
  • It’s manufactured in 5 colors;
  • To transport the fridge, you can use a handle with a built-in bottle opener.


  • A zipper can break in several months.

Buyer’s Guide 

How to purchase the most profitable cooler for camping?

If you’re looking for a good quality cooler for camping, it’s recommended to pay attention to these characteristics:

  • How much food it’s possible to take;
  • The materials used for the production (most of the products are made from fabric. Nevertheless, some companies develop portable fridges from plastic);
  • How much time ice doesn’t melt;
  • If the cooler has handles or straps for transportation (with them, the item seems weightless even if it’s filled with snacks and drinks);
  • The quality of lids (to avoid unexpected open of the cooler, its lids must be made from first-class materials).

What’s more, look if the cooler has additional features. Some products are supplied with pockets for essentials. Moreover, producers manufacture items with adjusted bottle openers.

Final Thoughts 

To conclude, all of the items on the list of the best coolers for car camping will become a great solution for outdoor activities. Nevertheless, the most useful product is manufactured by Arctic Zone. Being a lightweight option this fridge is spacious.

The cooler by Carhartt is also marvelous. Since it’s not as big as other optionsions, it’s the first choice for a small company. To keep your essentials, it’s possible to use a pocket. With this item, you receive a guarantee.

The third place is for Coleman cooler. It’s produced from plastic, and its durable top can be utilized as a table for a picnic.

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