Best camping stoves – top 5

Best camping stoves – top 5

Camping is one of the most beneficial options for people who are eager to relax and simply spend time with their family and friends. Nevertheless, to enjoy being in the fresh air, it’s essential to prepare beforehand. It’s not only about the plan of your journey. It’s also about the equipment you carry with yourself. These tools include furniture such as air mattresses and chairs as well as some items for preparing food. In case you want to cook meat or fry vegetables, it’s better to purchase a stove for camping. Although it’s not as big as a regular one, it allows cooking good quality meals while being outside. Nevertheless, to achieve a great taste of your dish, you ought to choose the best camping stove 2020. This review will help you make the right decision.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Camping Stoves

  1. Coleman Camping Stove – Best Item with a Classic Design
  2. Camp Chef Camping Stove – Best Aluminum Item
  3. Coleman Camping Stove – Best Option with one Burner
  4. Camp Chef Camping Stove – Best Everest Model
  5. Ohuhu Camping Stove – Best Multifunctional Item

Our reviews of the top rated camping stoves along with our buyers guide will help you choose the right stove for you.

The most superior camping stoves 

Since a camping stove isn’t only about its price, you ought to pay attention to lots of other characteristics of such equipment. So, it’s a complicated task to find the most convenient item among lots of alternatives especially if you aren’t experienced in traveling. Our team of professionals understands such a struggle. For that reason, we have developed this list according to lots of reviews published by adventurers. We have pointed out all pros and cons that these products have. What’s more, we have tried exploiting some of these products while being outdoors. As a result, we have managed to compose this list of the best stoves. With them, your camping will become more enjoyable.

1. Coleman Camping Stove – Best Item with a Classic Design 

best camping stove 2020

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The best portable camping stove is developed by Coleman. This company has a long-term history. It’s known internationally for producing good quality items for outdoor activities including sleeping bags and furniture.

The main difference of this stove for camping is the presence of lots of additional features. The most useful function of this item is technology of controlling pressure. Due to this option, the heat stays steady even if you’re cooking on a cold day. Furthermore, this technology is a solution when fuel is low.

This is the best lightweight camping stove because it can be used for cooking even while it’s windy outside. With this product, you will get a wind block. These side panels are made of steel. They don’t let the wind affect the quality of your meal. Nevertheless, if you’re cooking using larger pans, it’s possible to dismount these panels. 

Since this camping stove has a good quality rotating dial, it’s easy to control the fire. So, it’s impossible to overcook your meal because you can always control the heat.

The maximum cooking power of this item is up to 20 thousand BTUs. Although this prototype is so powerful, it’s not as big as other products. The width of the stove is only 10.5 cm, its length is 56 cm, and the height of the item is 35 cm. What’s more, it’s not heavy. The weight of the stove is 5.4 kilos. So, it’s possible to take it even on a long-term journey. 

After purchasing this stove, customers receive a guarantee for 3 years. In this case, they can exchange this product to a new one if they find any damages.

Although most of the reviews are positive, some people say that the wind blocks are developed from poor quality metal. So, they cannot be a great protection from the wind.


  • Wind blocks;
  • Pressure control feature;
  • A small but powerful stove;
  • Dials are easy to rotate;
  • A guarantee for 3 years.


  • Wind blocks are made from cheap metal.

2. Camp Chef Camping Stove – Best Aluminum Item

best camping stove for 2020

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This stove for camping is produced by Camp Chef, a popular corporation developing equipment for cooking outdoors. These products include ovens, grills and smokers.

The most essential advantage of this camping stove is a huge area for cooking. It includes two burners. The maximum output for 1 burner per hour is about 30 thousand BTUs. These burners are improved by the materials used for manufacturing. The main metal here is aluminum. This material doesn’t wear out fast. Moreover, the risk of corrosion of aluminum is low. So, it’s possible to use a stove by Camp Chef for lots of years.

What’s more, the cooking surface is grand. The length is 81 cm, and the width of the stove is 35.5 cm. So, it’s possible to use bigger pans and pots.

With this stove, you cannot overcook your meal due to the presence of temperature controlling tools. To understand that the burner is operating properly, you ought to look at the fire. The flame must be blue.

This camping stove is a marvelous choice not only for warm weather without any wind. In case you’re preparing your dish, you can utilize windscreen protecting burners from the back and both sides. By applying it you prevent negative effects of windy weather. With them, the stove will be working for 15 hours. However, to avoid unexpected situations, the producer recommends preparing for emergencies beforehand.

While exploiting this stove, you aren’t required to place it on the table. With the product, you receive adjustable legs. By setting them up the stove doesn’t fall apart even while being on an uneven surface. With them, the height of the prototype is 81 cm. It’s possible to sit while cooking. Furthermore, these legs are easy to dismount and being put into the track for transportation. This stove is simple to take even on a long adventure because it’s not heavy. Its weight is less than 16.5 kilos.

To make cooking more enjoyable, it’s possible to use additional equipment produced by Camp Chef. This item is compliant with most of the accessories for meal preparation.

After ordering this stove, clients receive a guarantee for one year. So, it’s possible to replace this product in case you have found any damages.

Most of the users notice that this stove cooks great. Nevertheless, some of them mention that this best propane camping stoves arrive with dirty burners. So, they ought to be cleaned up before exploiting the item.


  • The presence of adjustable legs;
  • A great surface for cooking;
  • Windscreens from three sides;
  • It’s not heavy;
  • Powerful burners;
  • A guarantee for one year;
  • It’s possible to control the temperature.


  • Dirty burners.

3. Coleman Camping Stove – Best Option with one Burner 

best propane camping stove

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This stove for outdoor activities is also developed by Coleman. It’s the most useful solution for a small company because it consists of only one burner. The maximum power of the item is 7,650. To prepare meals, you are required to use butane gas. By exploiting it, you can cook for an hour and a half. This cylinder is sold separately.

The surface for cooking isn’t as big as other models on this list have. The length of this area is 51 cm, and the width of the stove is 30.5 cm. What’s more, the height of the product is 10 cm. One more proof of its portability is its weight. It’s lower than 2.2 kilos. Although it’s so small, it’s possible to use 25 cm pans.

It’s easy to control the temperature with a rotating dial. So, with this portable camping stove, you will avoid overdoing your meal.

One more reason to purchase this item is the fact that it doesn’t require using special tools for cleaning. To remove dirt from steel elements, it’s possible to use standard cleaning accessories. Furthermore, the burner is protected from rust. So, it can be exploited for lots of years.

Since it’s a small burner, you can take it for a long trip. To make carrying easier, it’s possible to use a special black case with a handle that goes in the set with this item. It’s made of plastic and doesn’t get damaged fast.

The style of this stove is simple. The base is colored in blue, and the top of the product is black.

If you order this camping stove, you will also receive a guarantee for a year. In case you aren’t satisfied with the quality of the product, you can request an exchange or get a refund.

Even though it’s a great solution if you’re traveling with a small company, it has some shortcomings. The main of them is the fact that it’s impossible to cook with this stove during cold or windy weather because windscreens aren’t included.


  • A portable item;
  • A plastic case for transportation;
  • To cook, butane gas is exploited;
  • A rotating dial;
  • A good-looking style;
  • It’s easy to clean;
  • It’s lightweight;
  • A guarantee for a year.


  • It doesn’t include windscreens.

4. Camp Chef Camping Stove – Best Everest Model

best lightweight camping stove

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The manufacturer of this portable camping stove is also Camp Chef. This prototype is known as Everest, and it combines small sizes with powerful burners. This model is developed with two of them. Their total output is 40 thousand BTU.

Even though it’s so powerful, it’s smaller than other competitors. The height of the stove is only 10 cm, it’s width is less than 35 cm, and the length of the item is almost 60 cm. Moreover, it’s lightweight because it’s only about 5.5 kilos. Such small sizes make this stove a compact solution for all your adventures. To make it easier to transport, the manufacturer has an adjusted built-in handle.

It’s simple to cook because you aren’t required to use matches for burning. It operates with propane. A regulator for the cylinder with this gas is included. Your meals won’t be overcooked because the stove has convenient dials for both burners.

Although the prototype is small, it’s still made with steel windscreens. With them, your dish is protected from the wind from three sides. To travel, you can fold these screens. Steel is stainless. So, it’s not difficult to clean up the surface of the stove. 

With this camping stove, you will get a guarantee for one year. You can use it in case you find defects in the metal.

The main shortages of this stove are the plastic latches that can break quickly. What’s more, it’s hard to decrease the power to the minimum with the dials.


  • A powerful stove;
  • A portable option;
  • Possible to carry with a handle;
  • Wind protection;
  • Dials to regulate the heat;
  • A guarantee for one year;
  • Easy to clean up.


  • Latches are made of poor quality materials;
  • It’s hard to decrease power.

5. Ohuhu Camping Stove – Best Multifunctional Item

best portable camping stove

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The producer of this portable camping stove is Ohuhu. This firm is popular for developing items for outdoor and indoor activities.

The main difference of this stove is its unique design. Made of stainless steel, this good quality product can be folded to a small fabric case. When this item isn’t set up, it’s width and length is only 2.3 cm. Furthermore, the height of the stove is less than 1.5 cm. It’s lightweight because it’s only 0.5 kilos. So, you can place the prototype in your backpack without damaging it.

It’s easy to cook with this stove. To use it, it’s possible to exploit pinecones and leaves as fuel. To fire it up, you can take matches or a standard lighter. So, it’s a great choice for people who want to avoid any environmental damages. 

This stove is great not only for frying or boiling. If you dismount the top, it’s possible to barbecue.

It’s better to avoid using heavy pots because it can fall under the pressure.


  • A unique design;
  • Easy to fold;
  • It’s possible to put into the backpack;
  • A bag for carrying;
  • It’s useful for barbecue;
  • To lighten up the stove, you can use natural fuel.


  • It’s not the best choice for heavy pots.

Buyer’s Guide 

Which characteristics should you pay attention to while choosing the best portable camping stove?

When you are looking for the most useful stove for camping, you ought to pay attention to these characteristics:

  • Time for boiling (it depends on how powerful the stove is);
  • The presence of wind resistance;
  • If it’s hard to set up the stove;
  • If the stove is easy to take care of;
  • If the item is difficult to transport.


All of these competitors are the most superior stoves for camping. However, as we consider the most useful equipment for cooking outdoors is manufactured by Coleman. This stove is protected from the wind with screens. To change the power, it’s possible to use dials.

The second stove is produced by Camp Chef. It’s easy to cook with this item because it’s made with adjustable legs. What’s more, it has a big cooking surface.

The third place is for a Coleman product with one stove. We consider it the best car camping stove because it’s small but still powerful.

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