Best camping pillows – top 5

Best camping pillows – top 5

Have you ever gone camping? If no, you should definitely correct this mistake. Such an activity has dozens of pros. Firstly, it’s a marvelous choice for those individuals who are eager to spend time with their friends or family members. During the time in the fresh air, you won’t get digressed with the gadgets and will be able to enjoy hours with people you love. What’s more, camping is an amazing solution for humans having problems with their physical health. By breathing the fresh air, you get rid of toxins inside your body. Moreover, your muscles release, and you forget about issues with your sleep cycles.

Nevertheless, all these pros are impossible to achieve in case you don’t use the right equipment for camping. If you are going to spend the entire night in the fresh air, it’s better to purchase an inflatable pillow for your journey. However, you need to consider lost of aspects to find a suitable option. With this top, you will purchase the best pillow for camping.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Camping Pillows

  1. TREKOLOGY Camping Pillow – Best Item with a Lumbar Support
  2. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillow – Best Foam Product
  3. TETON Sports Camping Pillow – Best Washable Choice
  4. Therm-a-Rest Camping Pillow – Bes Compressible Solution
  5. REDCAMP Camping Pillow – Best Flannel Item

Our reviews of the top rated camping pillows along with our buyers guide will help you choose the right pillow for you.

The softest camping pillows

We are a team of travelers who have been dedicated to camping for years. So, we had tried lots of pillows before we found the right options. What’s more, to create this list, we have consulted therapists and read dozens of the best camping pillow review articles. As a result, we have paid attention to lots of opinions. So, our team has no doubt that these pillows will definitely satisfy you, and you won’t wake up during the night while using one of them.

1. TREKOLOGY Camping Pillow – Best Item with a Lumbar Support

best inflatable camping pillow

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TREKOLOGY is an international corporation known for producing great quality items for camping, traveling and hiking. Its major goal is to create goods that will satisfy adventurers’ needs, and this camping pillow proves it.

The main advantage of this prototype is its size. This option is one of the smallest because the length of the folded pillow is 12.7 cm, and its width is 5 cm. Such small dimensions make this option lightweight. It weighs only 0.08 kilos, and it’s less than a soda can. So, you can take this item wherever you want. To transport it, you can put this product into a case. 

Although the dimensions of a deflated item are so tiny, an unfolded prototype is quite huge. After taking five breaths, you can inflate this pillow to 7.2 cm in length, and its width will grow up to 5.4 cm. So, with this item, you will get marvelous support of your neck due to its modern ergonomic design. What’s more, it’s possible to use it for your back while being at home. To release the item, you will need less than a minute.

Despite such small sizes, this product is enduring. The firmness is achieved thanks to the materials utilized for its manufacturing. The main contexture is TPU fabric. It’s elastic and waterproof but still soft. Furthermore, it doesn’t matter how you prefer sleeping because this texture is slip-resistant. It will stay under your head even after hours.

While ordering the best travel pillow for camping, you can select one of four colors, including green, black, orange and navy blue.

As most of the users mention, this pillow is durable. However, the materials seem to be. So, it’s better to put something under the head while sleeping.


  • It’s fast to inflate;
  • The pillow is lightweight;
  • A case for transportation;
  • Great capacity of an unfolded item;
  • Firm fabric;
  • It’s available in 4 colors.


  • It can be too stiff.

2. Wise Owl Outfitters Camping Pillow – Best Foam Product 

best pillow for camping

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This option is created by Wise Owl Outfitters, a producer famous for its cheap but durable goods for outdoor activities.

The main reason why you need to pay attention to this pillow is a unique technology exploited for manufacturing. It provides great support for your head thanks to memory foam. What’s more, it has a durable cover made from soft fabric. So, with this good, you will forget about insomnia.

To make your sleep even better, the producer has increased the thickness of this pillow. When the item is inflated, its height is 12.7 cm. Moreover, other dimensions are amazing, and they depend on the size you purchase. It’s possible to order small, medium and large pillows. So, you can find items for the whole family.

In spite of the fact that unfolded pillows are big, after the packing their measures are tiny. Even the largest prototype can be compressed down into a small case for carrying. What’s more, its weight is only 0.36 kilos.

One more reason to choose this product is the fact that it’s easy to clean. In this case, it’s possible to use a washing machine, and it won’t wear out after being in the laundry several times. Such strength is reached because of exploiting thick but mushy materials. They are breathable and won’t cause any allergic reactions.

When you are ordering pillows provided by Wise Owl Outfitters, you can select not only the size but also the color you want. You are allowed to buy this item in blue, green, grey, orange and red. What’s more, with the pillow, you will receive a guarantee. So, if you don’t love the item, you will get a refund m and the customer service is always ready to answer your questions.

The main complaint people who have bought it have is that it makes noises while you’re moving during the night. So, if you are a light sleeper, it will wake you up.


  • A thick pillow;
  • It’s available in different sizes and colors;
  • A case for transportation is in the kit;
  • It’s light in weight;
  • It’s possible to use a washing machine for cleaning.


  • It can get noisy.

3. TETON Sports Camping Pillow – Best Washable Choice 

best travel pillow for camping

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If you need a compact pillow for camping with a good-looking design, a product provided by the TETON Sports company is just for you.

The thing that makes this item unique is the fact that it’s sold with a removable case. This cover is manufactured from poly fiber, a texture that doesn’t wear out for lots of years. What’s more, this fabric is soft, and you won’t feel discomfort during the night. Since this case can be removed, you don’t have to be afraid of cleaning this pillow in your washing machine.

The dimensions of this pillow aren’t as huge. The length is 23 cm, and its width is 18 cm. Nevertheless, the item is thick because it’s height is 10 cm. Such small sizes make this prototype almost weightless, and its weight is 0.4 kilos.

The reason why you ought to choose this pillow is that you aren’t required to inflate it. So, you don’t have to take a pump on your journey. However, the item can still be folded and put into the storage case. This bag is handy and has a firm closure. So, the pillow won’t fall out while you’re on the go.

If you want to get this item, it’s possible to order it in one of four colors such as grey, black, brown and green. After buying, you can always get support from the team of TETON Sports.

Even in the negative reviews, people mention that the product is soft. Nevertheless, they also draw attention to the fact that the pillow is too tiny. So, if you want to feel absolutely comfortable, it’s better to order at least two items.


  • The product is lightweight;
  • A case for transportation and storage;
  • It’s available in 4 colors;
  • A removable cover;
  • The presence of customer support;
  • You don’t have to inflate it.


  • It can be too small.

4. Therm-a-Rest Camping Pillow – Bes Compressible Solution

best pillow for camping

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Therm-a-Rest is a corporation with years of history. Its main aim is to develop products for outdoors that are warm, durable and comfortable. This camping pillow is one of its most popular items.

This good is considered to be the most suitable option for people being on-the-go. It combines lightness and firmness. To achieve such a goal, the manufacturer uses enduring materials. It’s made of soft foam and has a cover developed from polyester. Thanks to such a fabric, this pillow doesn’t provide any water. What’s more, it’s easier to wash it in the machine.

One more unique feature of this prototype is its measures. When the item isn’t compressed, its length is 45.7 cm, while the width is 35.5 cm. However, when the product is folded, it doesn’t take much space. It’s even possible to place it into a small storage case that can be put into your backpack. You won’t feel it because its weight is only 0.22 kilos. 

To purchase this pillow, you ought to select one of 14 colors. It’s possible to order it in denim, amethyst, sunray print and 11 more designs.

It’s hard to find negative reviews on this camping pillow. Nonetheless, those who don’t like it notice that the materials used for the cover aren’t comfortable for the skin.


  • A case for carrying;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Simple compression;
  • It’s presented in 14 colors.


  • The materials for the cover aren’t the best.

5. REDCAMP Camping Pillow – Best Flannel Item

best lightweight pillow for camping

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If you are going camping, REDCAMP is a corporation where you can purchase all the needed equipment, including this comfortable pillow that can be combined with the sleeping pad sold by this company.

As the reviewers mention, this pillow is one of the softest options. Such a mildness is reached thanks to the combination of great quality contexture. Its main fabric is flannel. However, in the structure, there’re non-woven materials and hollow fiber. 

Even though these textures are tough, this pillow isn’t heavy. Its weight is only 0.3 kilos. To take it to your adventure, you can exploit a carrying case. Even when it’s put into the bag, this prototype doesn’t take much space in your backpack because its height is only 28 cm. 

If you see any spots, you can remove it easily because it doesn’t wear out after several times cleaned in the washing machine. What’s more, you can take the cover off to wash it separately.

One more advantage the best camping pillow for side sleepers has is that it can be purchased in several designs. This product is available in grey, red, fractal blue and other colors. 

Furthermore, if, after ordering the product, you aren’t satisfied with its quality, the company guarantees that you will get your money back.

Even though most people say that the pillow is great, some customers mention that it’s thinner than they thought it would be.


  • A cover is fast to remove;
  • Soft and lasting materials;
  • Lightweight;
  • A case to carry;
  • A guarantee;
  • It’s designed in 5 colors.


  • It can feel thin.

Buyer’s Guide 

What are the main characteristics for the best camping pillow for side sleepers?

A lot of companies producing camping equipment sell pillows. So, it’s complicated to find the item which will satisfy your needs. To make the right choice, you ought to pay attention to these characteristics:

  • Its weight;
  • If the pillow can be compressed;
  • If it has a cover;
  • Its dimensions;
  • If a storage bag goes in the set.

What’s more, you ought to find out if it’s needed to inflate the product. The main advantage of such pillows is that they can take even less space in your backpack. Moreover, to inflate them, you aren’t required to use a pump because your breath is enough.

Final Result 

After comparing dozens of camping pillows, our team has selected to mess beneficial options you can find in the market. As we consider the most suitable item is produced by TREKOLOGY. This product is the best inflatable camping pillow. You will need to take only 10 breaths to distend it. When it’s deflated, it won’t take any space in your backpack, and you can order it in one of 4 colors. Moreover, you can use this pillow even if you aren’t traveling. In this case, put it under your back while sitting. So, you won’t feel exhausted after hours of work in front of your desk.

The second pillow is made by Wise Owl Outfitters. Although when it’s unfolded it’s huge, a compressed item can be put into the case. Moreover, it’s produced with a cover. To wash the pillow, you only need to remove it. While purchasing, you can order the product in several sizes. So, this option is a great solution for the whole family. 

The pillow created by TETON Sports is also one of our favorites. To transport this item, you can put it into the bag. One more advantage is that it’s lightweight. What’s more, this company offers you customer support. Nevertheless, it’s better to order this pillow for children because it can be small for adults.

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