Best camping knives – top 5

Best camping knives – top 5

Food is a major factor when we go camping. Without a tasty meal in the fresh air, your journey can turn out into a nightmare. However, it’s not an easy task to cook outdoors. How can you make this process be less complicated? In this case, it’s recommended to take tools made specifically for such activities. What’s more, this equipment doesn’t only include a stove or some items for a barbecue, but also a knife. Nevertheless, not all of the goods presented in the market can be used for cooking outdoors. So, how can you find the best knife for camping? This review will help you make the right choice.

Quick Answer: The 5 Best Rated Camping Knives

  1. Grand Way Camping Knife – Best Military-Styled Item
  2. Ka-Bar Camping Knife – Best Option with a Leather Sheath
  3. MTech Camping Knife – Best Option with Unique Design
  4. Morakniv Camping Knife – Best Item for Food Preparation
  5. Gerber Camping Knife – Best Butterfly Item

Our reviews of the top rated camping knives along with our buyers guide will help you choose the right knife for you.

The sharpest camping knives

While choosing products for the list of the best camping knives, our team was comparing lots of items. In this case, we have read lots of reviews published by people who have already gone to their journeys with these prototypes. What’s more, we have learned what the professionals think about each model. One more reason to trust this review is the fact that these knives are tested by our team. We have no doubt that these products aren’t only good-looking. They are sharp and handy. All of them will be useful for your traveling and cooking while being in the fresh air.

1. Grand Way Camping Knife – Best Military-Styled Item

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Grand Way is an international corporation known for manufacturing knives for hunting, camping and other indoor and outdoor activities. This product is one of its bestsellers.

The main reason why it’s so popular among experienced travelers is the fact that it’s multifunctional. This knife can be exploited for different purposes, including fishing, camping and even self-defense or survival. Such a unique characteristic of the product is achieved due to the materials used for the blade. It’s sharp because it’s made of stainless steel. The difference of this metal is its hardness. However, it’s impossible to hurt yourself while using it.

Moreover, steel is covered with a special powder. So, the knife is protected from any corrosion reactions, and it will look like a new item after years.

The dimensions of the knife are great. Although its length is 17.8 cm, the weight of the item is only 0.1 kilo. So, you can take it even if you have only a backpack. 

One more advantage of the product is that you shouldn’t need to be afraid of putting it into your bag with other equipment. Even though it’s sharp, it won’t hurt anything because it’s produced with a useful pocket clip. It’s made from plastic but doesn’t damage quickly. What’s more, this knife has an easy-to-fold blade. To close it, you can use your thumb.

You can purchase this knife for right and left-hand use. Moreover, Grand Way is a company paying attention not only to the quality of the products but also their design. You can see it by looking at this prototype. It is designed like a military knife. So, it can be a great choice even if you aren’t a regular traveler. Moreover, you can purchase it as a gift for your husband. While ordering this product, you can select the color. The producer sells black knives, items with the USA flag or grey blade.

However, if you aren’t sure that your husband likes such a present, you can get a refund from the company. Grand Way offers a guarantee for 10 years.

The main complaint the owners of this knife have is that it’s difficult to open the item using only a thumb. 


  • A stunning design;
  • A lightweight option;
  • Multifunctional;
  • Great quality materials;
  • A guarantee for 10 years;
  • A plastic case.


  • It’s hard to open the knife by flipping.

2. Ka-Bar Camping Knife – Best Option with a Leather Sheath

best camping knife 2020

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If you are looking for the best fixed blade camping knife, the model developed by the Ka-Bar company is a marvelous choice for you. This producer is one of the oldest in this industry because it’s been selling sharp goods since 1896. 

As the producer says, this knife is the most famous. It’s not a surprise because it combines a tremendous design with sharpness. The overall length of this item is almost 28 cm, and for the blade, it’s 18 cm. Its weight is 0.3 kilos.

Although the product isn’t heavy, it’s developed from durable materials. Its handle is produced from leather. The fixed blade is made from cro-van steel. So, with this knife, you can cut even the hardest products. To make it more beneficial, the manufacturer has made the edges of the blade at an angle of 20°. 

Nevertheless, it won’t damage any of the equipment you take on your journey because you will also receive a sheath. This cover is durable because it’s manufactured from leather. This material doesn’t wear out quickly. Furthermore, it is almost the only item that can be cut with this knife.

The item is produced only in one design. However, it still looks great thanks to the expensive materials used for its manufacturing.

Almost 100% of reviews are positive. Nonetheless, in the negative comments, people say that the knife has arrived with a leather sheath with some scratches on it. 


  • A knife with a fixed blade;
  • A leather sheath is provided;
  • The blade is made from cro-van steel;
  • It’s not heavy.


  • The sheath can come with scratches on it.

3. MTech Camping Knife – Best Option with Unique Design

best pocket knife for camping

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The producer that has manufactured this camping knife is MTech. It’s known all over the globe thanks to its handy but still well-made incisors.

This product is one of the smallest prototypes on this list. When this knife is unfolded, 22.8 cm. However, when it’s closed, its length is only 12.7 cm. So, this item is the right option for you in case if you have only a backpack. Moreover, the weight of the product is only 0.22 kilos.

Since it’s so small, it’s even possible to put it into the pocket of your jeans. What’s more, your clothes won’t get spoiled because you will receive a pocket clip. Although it’s made from plastic, it hard to break it.

Nevertheless, small dimensions don’t make this knife less sharp. The blade is developed from stainless steel. This strong metal is difficult to bash up. Its handle is made from aluminum. The construction of the knife makes it simple to flip open. To do this, you only need to use your thumb. 

This product is a wonderful option not only for outdoor activities. This best pocket knife for camping can become a great present thanks to the unique design. It’s possible to purchase it with different handles. They are colored in black, desert camo, digital camo and the USA flag.

Despite having lots of pros, it also has some cons. The main shortcoming of the item is that it’s hard to open. Moreover, this knife isn’t the best solution if you are going to cut thick materials.


  • A small and lightweight knife;
  • The blade isn’t fixed;
  • With the knife, you will receive a pocket clip;
  • You can purchase it in 4 colors.


  • It’s difficult to open;
  • It’s not suitable for cutting thick materials.

4. Morakniv Camping Knife – Best Item for Food Preparation

best fixed blade camping knife

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If you’re looking for a knife specifically for cooking outdoors, Morakniv has a magnificent offer for you.

The main benefit this prototype has is its materials. The blade of the knife is produced from Sandvik stainless steel. Such a metal is hardened and stays sharp after years of preparing food. What’s more, it doesn’t rust and is protected from corrosion.

To make the knife more useful, Morakniv has developed a handle with a grip. So, it cannot get damaged if it’s raining or the temperatures are too low. This knife will become your solution in case you’re camping during the winter.

In spite of the fact that the product is made with a fixed blade, it doesn’t take much space in your backpack. The overall length of this knife is 21.8 cm, and its weight is 116 g. To protect other items from damages, you can use a sheath that goes in the set. Even though it’s plastic, it cannot be snapped fast.

When you order this knife, you need to select the color of its handle. It’s designed in 8 colors, including military green, cyan, orange and magenta. Moreover, a plastic sheath will arrive in the same color.

One more thing the manufacturer adds to the parcel is a guarantee. By using it, you can get a refund in case if the quality doesn’t satisfy you.

Although the knife is produced from firm materials, it is better not to try using for anything harder than cooking. Otherwise, you can break it.


  • Firm materials;
  • A plastic sheath;
  • A fixed-design;
  • It’s available in 8 colors;
  • It’s not heavy;
  • A guarantee by the manufacturer.


  • It’s suitable only for outdoor cooking.

5. Gerber Camping Knife – Best Butterfly Item 

best knife for camping 2020

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If you want to find something even smaller, a camping knife presented by Gerber will satisfy your needs.

This product is a marvelous solution not only for camping but also for your routine life because it includes several functions. This model consists of 12 tools such as scissors, a bottle opener, a lanyard ring and different types of knives. With the central of them, you can cut the tightest spots.

Although this knife is multifunctional, it does not weigh too much. The weight of this model is only 255 g. What’s more, its overall length is about 15.2 cm, and when it’s folded, it’s 7.6 cm. Small dimensions are achieved thanks to the fact that all tools can be closed to the handle and opened like a butterfly. To do it, you simply have to tap on the button.

The fact that it’s lightweight doesn’t mean that it’s not produced from good quality materials. So, with this knife, you can cut almost everything. Nevertheless, don’t worry about other tools you take on your camping trip. To protect them, use a nylon sheath.

If, after ordering this knife, you have found any defects, you can return it to the producer and get your money back because, with the product, you will receive a one-year guarantee.

The only shortage of the knife provided by Gerber is the fact that its tools can be too sharp. So, it’s better to be careful while opening this item.


  • A multifunctional product;
  • It’s not heavy;
  • It is provided with a nylon sheath;
  • A one-year guarantee.


  • Knives are too sharp.

Buyer’s Guide 

How can I choose the best camping fixed blade camping knife?

Almost all producers manufacturing goods for outdoor activities sell knives for camping. So, if you aren’t experienced in purchasing this equipment, risk of choosing the wrong item gets higher. To avoid such mistakes, we recommend you to pay attention to these characteristics:

  • Materials. Look at the type of steel used for the blade. It’s better to buy knives developed from high carbon metal because such products are sharper. Talking about the handle, you ought to select prototypes manufactured from rugged materials. However, for camping, a handle made from wood can also be useful.
  • The anatomy. Pay attention to the design of the blade itself and the handle. 

Should a camping knife have serrations?

Lots of manufacturers sell camping knives with serrations. The main reason for it is that they make it easier to cut seat belts or saw woods. However, we think that when you go on a regular camping trip with your family, serrated knives are useless.

Our Decision 

When our team was creating this top, we chose the best item from dozens of alternative variants. So, we believe that these prototypes are sharp enough but still handy. What’s more, they can become a solution not only for cooking but also for other camping activities.

In our option, the best camping knife 2020 is made by Grand Way. The main reason why it deserves to be the first is the materials used for its manufacturing. Its blade is made from stainless steel covered with powder. So, the knife isn’t only sharp. It’s also protected from corrosion. What’s more, its design makes it the best choice if you’re looking for a gift. With the item, you will receive a guarantee for 10 years.

If you want to purchase a knife with a fixed blade, we recommend you to buy a model by Ka-Bar. This style is great thanks to its sheath made from durable leather. One more advantage is that it’s lightweight and doesn’t need much space.

MTech has also produced the best folding camping knife due to the fact that it’s made with an acute blade. However, your clothes or other equipment in the backpack is safe due to its well-designed pocket clip.

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